Concert Picks for Sept 17: Parade of Flesh Panders to Dallas’ Reputation for Petty Bookers. Plus, Luck N Lana, Zhora & More

Before we get started today, I would like to mention something I found troubling on the internet today. Excited already, aren’t you? Parade of Flesh is a local booking entity, and they have 5,419 followers on Facebook. Not bad. But today, that page was used to personally attack one person, with no links or even screenshots to support the reason for the attack. Here is the update as it appeared, just an hour after it was posted:



Let’s try to make sense of this. Parade of Flesh is using its business page on Facebook to ask its followers to dog-pile on an individual, by encouraging its supporters to “PLEASE SHARE”—with no less than four exclamation marks, mind you—some vague information about a stranger who did something that the business doesn’t like. I’m not saying this person didn’t do something reprehensible. In fact, I have no idea what kind of reprehensible thing he may — or may not — have done to deserve bearing the brunt of Parade of Flesh’s wrath. Which is part of the problem: I’m supposed to blindly share this character attack without having any information about what it might regard. But the point is that this seems like ill-advised behavior for an actual business that deals with real money and not play money. I can’t imagine a restaurant doing something like this on its business page, for instance. That would likely go viral, and not in the way that warrant positive attention for the restaurant.

Attempting to assassinate someone’s character in this manner usually takes the form of an angry status update on someone’s personal Facebook page, though those are often deleted shortly thereafter. That is usually due to a balance between both cowardice and good sense. This isn’t the first time that Parade of Flesh has used its visibility to attack individuals, and I wonder when the Dallas booking community will grow up and throw the type of events that entertainment destination cities like Austin or Chicago do without so much needless sniping. Book one festival as good as Fun Fun Fun Fest, and I’ll do my best to look the other way at this “juvenile” and “petty” behavior.

Tonight’s shows—

Luck N Lana/TayVon/SFS Souf/Juq’o Vibe/Jordan Frescher/Mga-Czar/Wake Self/Young Native (The Boiler Room): The storied genre of West Coast hip hop from the 1990s yielded plenty of household names, but it also produced some fiercely independent acts such as the Living Legends, who were originally from Oakland and ended up in LA. The self-made men avoided a lot of the made-for-TV drama that their peers endured during the casualty-heavy era, but they eventually lived up to the promise of their own name. All this just to say that Luck N Lana features Luckyiam of Living Legends, which is reason enough to see what he’s up to lately. DJ Nykon and Lana Shea will help him in his cause, and don’t worry about the number of acts on this bill, as it appears that most of the opening sets will clock in at around twenty minutes apiece.

Krill/Sealion/Drug Animal (Bryan Street Tavern): Presented by Parade of Flesh.

Cvlts/YYU/Exael (The Crown and Harp): This is a similar lineup to the show that took place at Denton’s Macaroni Island last night, and it’s free to attend as well. I take back what I said. Also: DJ Phooka will be upstairs at Crown and Harp this evening.

On and On/Hands/Zhora (Three Links): Zhora has been in the studio quite a bit with producer, musician, and White Lotus Society-founding member, Adam Pickrell, lately. As such, they have a lot of music that the public has yet to hear, and hopefully we’ll have more for you soon in that regard.

“The Showdown” (Sundown at Granada): Resident Blake Ward will take a rare night off, however, Colly T and Dropclock Productions’ crew member Slightly will fill in.

Other Tuesday shows—

The Love Language/Birds of Night/Danny Folmer & the DD’s (Club Dada)






Image: Sealion’s Hunter Moehring in live performance. Credit: Andi Harman.