Concert Picks for Sept 17: Parade of Flesh Panders to Dallas’ Reputation for Petty Bookers. Plus, Luck N Lana, Zhora & More

Before we get started today, I would like to mention something I found troubling on the internet today. Excited already, aren’t you? Parade of Flesh is a local booking entity, and they have 5,419 followers on Facebook. Not bad. But today, that page was used to personally attack one person, with no links or even screenshots to support the reason for the attack. Here is the update as it appeared, just an hour after it was posted:



Let’s try to make sense of this. Parade of Flesh is using its business page on Facebook to ask its followers to dog-pile on an individual, by encouraging its supporters to “PLEASE SHARE”—with no less than four exclamation marks, mind you—some vague information about a stranger who did something that the business doesn’t like. I’m not saying this person didn’t do something reprehensible. In fact, I have no idea what kind of reprehensible thing he may — or may not — have done to deserve bearing the brunt of Parade of Flesh’s wrath. Which is part of the problem: I’m supposed to blindly share this character attack without having any information about what it might regard. But the point is that this seems like ill-advised behavior for an actual business that deals with real money and not play money. I can’t imagine a restaurant doing something like this on its business page, for instance. That would likely go viral, and not in the way that warrant positive attention for the restaurant.

Attempting to assassinate someone’s character in this manner usually takes the form of an angry status update on someone’s personal Facebook page, though those are often deleted shortly thereafter. That is usually due to a balance between both cowardice and good sense. This isn’t the first time that Parade of Flesh has used its visibility to attack individuals, and I wonder when the Dallas booking community will grow up and throw the type of events that entertainment destination cities like Austin or Chicago do without so much needless sniping. Book one festival as good as Fun Fun Fun Fest, and I’ll do my best to look the other way at this “juvenile” and “petty” behavior.

Tonight’s shows—

Luck N Lana/TayVon/SFS Souf/Juq’o Vibe/Jordan Frescher/Mga-Czar/Wake Self/Young Native (The Boiler Room): The storied genre of West Coast hip hop from the 1990s yielded plenty of household names, but it also produced some fiercely independent acts such as the Living Legends, who were originally from Oakland and ended up in LA. The self-made men avoided a lot of the made-for-TV drama that their peers endured during the casualty-heavy era, but they eventually lived up to the promise of their own name. All this just to say that Luck N Lana features Luckyiam of Living Legends, which is reason enough to see what he’s up to lately. DJ Nykon and Lana Shea will help him in his cause, and don’t worry about the number of acts on this bill, as it appears that most of the opening sets will clock in at around twenty minutes apiece.

Krill/Sealion/Drug Animal (Bryan Street Tavern): Presented by Parade of Flesh.

Cvlts/YYU/Exael (The Crown and Harp): This is a similar lineup to the show that took place at Denton’s Macaroni Island last night, and it’s free to attend as well. I take back what I said. Also: DJ Phooka will be upstairs at Crown and Harp this evening.

On and On/Hands/Zhora (Three Links): Zhora has been in the studio quite a bit with producer, musician, and White Lotus Society-founding member, Adam Pickrell, lately. As such, they have a lot of music that the public has yet to hear, and hopefully we’ll have more for you soon in that regard.

“The Showdown” (Sundown at Granada): Resident Blake Ward will take a rare night off, however, Colly T and Dropclock Productions’ crew member Slightly will fill in.

Other Tuesday shows—

The Love Language/Birds of Night/Danny Folmer & the DD’s (Club Dada)






Image: Sealion’s Hunter Moehring in live performance. Credit: Andi Harman. 


  • chum

    Using influence to “assasinate” one’s character is what you guys tend do best. Maybe he’s just ripping a page out of your book.

  • Seatiger

    About time someone publicly said something about Johns behavior. He dosent care about the music he cares about the money. He isnt concerned on booking a good show he is concerned about the money he will make. He will give touring bands the bare minimum and local bands nothing at all,even if it is a sold out show. I imagine a half ass apology coming soon where he states he has realized some of his actions may have been misinterpreted but thats not the case. He wont learn from this.

  • Evan

    I found it funnier when POF posted a phone number to prank call, or when he attacked some of the shitty “if I start a music blog, I deserve free tickets!” folks, but I don’t think this is awful.

    Oh, and I’m sure the same shit happens in Austin and Chicago, and you’re more than welcome to book your own festival, so maybe stop your own sniping.

  • anon

    dude has a bad reputation

  • Rude, condescending, and very judgmental.

  • The Listener

    irony! … that’s the joke here, right?

  • The Listener

    this comment is particularly amusing.

  • John is not a well liked guy around Dallas. perhaps he books shows in hopes of gaining attention but gets himself the wrong kind. He does bring great bands to town but I hate supporting him or “Parade of Flesh”

  • Anon

    Anyone who has ever met John knows that this isn’t unlike him. Personal opinions aside, he has a reputation of being patronizing and rude. If that’s how you perceive him (like some people do), then leave him be.

    Even in this case, he was defending a band he booked, and he used a social media platform to do it. There’s nothing unprofessional about that. There is, however, something extremely unprofessional about writing a sensationalist article on this minor feud which could have easily subsided long ago.

  • Drew Emmick

    Let me get this straight… You dedicate this article to attacking an individual because he, in your view, attacked an individual? Self-projection at its very best.

  • TCT

    As a local DFW musician in an actively playing band, I would first like to say thank you to John and Parade of Flesh for sticking up for a band and a female musician that a butt hurt male fan tried to bash out of spite. His negative comment had nothing to do with the bands ability or performance and was directly related to the fact he made sexual advances to the female band member and was “shot down”. John/ POF was NOT using his visibility to attack an individual, He was simply calling the guy out and merely defending a peer. This, if anything, shows how much John and his company care about local acts and the music scene. In regards to the comment made that ( he doesn’t care about the music, he cares about the money), this is so INCORRECT on so many levels. POF brings great music to great venues. I personally know many of the acts he has brought to North Texas and have NEVER heard a negative comment about him or POF from any of the bands, touring or local. We all need to support the scene bands, promoters, venues, and most of all the MEDIA. It’s one thing to stand up and defend a local act or business from unjust negativity. It’s a completely different matter to post and slander an individual and his business because you have a personal problem with him. And that is exactly what I got from reading this “daily review”. Surely D magazine and a reputable journalist like Mr Mosley have more important things to inform the public about.

  • DFW Female

    As someone who is also very involved in the DFW music scene, and a female, I have heard my fair share of negative remarks from local and touring bands about John/POF over the past 5 years. Sure, I think its great that he was defending one of our local bands ( being male or female should have little to do with it, IMO), however that does not take away from what he HAS said and done to bands and/or guests. Just because he is local does not mean our local media should look past his behavior. Personal issues aside, the writer of this article wouldn’t have taken time to write about this had it not already been an ongoing issue.

  • Christopher Mosley

    If you’ll notice, Drew, I never mentioned “an individual” or used a particular person’s name. Not once. I mentioned a business, which is the larger point.

  • Drew Emmick

    In the wise words of Mitt Romney businesses “are people, my friend.” I think the larger point is that you don’t see the hypocrisy of this poorly written hit piece. That you don’t see the hypocrisy of slandering an individual OR business by criticizing them for slander. That you don’t see the hypocrisy of yawning at 5,400+ Twitter followers, when you barely have 1,000 (and at least 200 of them are bots). That you don’t see the utter stupidity of criticizing a business’s comments about someone while simultaneously saying you “have no idea what kind of reprehensible thing” that person “may — or may not — have done.” Just a crazy thought – if you don’t know the details or facts behind something, you may not want to write it about it.

  • Christopher Mosley

    I hope you’re joking about the Romney quote.

    The press has a place to comment on the way a business conducts itself publicly, especially in regard to how said business behaves in regard to a member of the community. There is a long history to this, some of which I’m sure you must have run across in your time.

    I wasn’t “yawning” at the Facebook “likers” (not Twitter followers), and 5,400 is an impressive number. The reason I even mentioned the number was because the business was asking over 5,400 people to go after a single person with no real proof as to what the person had done. I found that troubling.

    The burden is on the business to prove that this person had done something if it’s asking for the public’s support in a witch hunt. It’s not on me. When I say a person or a business has done something with which I don’t agree, or even when I do agree, it is my responsibility to provide as much proof as possible, be it in the form of a link, a quote, a screenshot, or the many tools at our disposal to back up our arguments in this day and age.

  • Pointless Commentator

    Name names or shut up.

  • Pointless Commentator

    Strange how while you are talking about “a business” all your sockpuppets are talking about an individual while hiding behind pseudonyms. What’s to hide? Afraid he “won’t book your band?”

  • Christopher Mosley

    If only the “sockpuppets” would do as good of a job as you at being transparent and naming names.

  • Christopher Mosley

    I did plenty of naming so they didn’t have to. Thanks.

  • Pointless Commentator

    Oh ok. You have a seriously weak idea of what constitutes journalism by the way. Maybe you need to learn the difference between that and unsubstantiated gossip. Or at least start making stupid doodles on pictures like Perez Hilton

  • Pointless Commentator

    Wait.. and I thought you didn’t name names.. or at least that is what you were saying like 2 comments above? I’m so confused!

    No. I’m not confused. You just can’t keep your shit talk straight and backpedal when called on it.

    “Drew, I never mentioned “an individual” or used a particular person’s name. Not once.”

  • Christopher Mosley

    I named the business, which was what was being discussed. I linked to examples of the business behaving in a way that I described. That’s not “unsubstantiated gossip,” as I provided evidence and did not merely expect the reader to go on description alone. It’s okay for us to disagree on what journalism is or isn’t. I can live with that.