Weekender: Dallas Area Concerts for June 13-16


World Famous Tony Williams/Danny Church Band (The Dram): Tony Williams is a musician currently based in Fort Worth, whose work you may very well know from his various collaborations, which include singing and production turns with Kid Sister, Jay-Z, and of course, Kanye West.

Williams happens to be West’s cousin and has various impressive credits on some of the rapper’s most career-making records. Our events editor, Liz Johnstone, has more details about this formerly secret guest over on Thursday’s edition of “Things to do in Dallas Tonight.”

Following the recent botched Vulgar Fashion set at the Dram, I also mentioned that I was “looking forward to see who might play here over the summer.”  This is exactly what I was talking about. All issues aside, hosting both Vulgar Fashion and the World Famous Tony Williams is indicative of someone at least attempting great things in the often unremarkable world of talent booking in Dallas lounges.

Dead Dog/Anger House/Collick/Cold Sore (406 Arts): I’m still glad that 406 Arts—originally the Phoenix Project—is still hosting shows, as it’s not easy to keep spaces like this open for much longer than a year. It’s been functioning in some capacity since 2009, which is starting to be just a good minute or behind us now. I just want to mention that I recently discovered that the drummer from Collick has a Hüsker Dü tattoo, and that means that Earth occasionally makes complete sense, if only for a moment.

Huey Lewis and the News (Annette Strauss Artist Square): It was not that long ago I found myself at the Starlight Lounge, while an artist I had once interviewed was selecting multiple songs by Huey Lewis on the jukebox. The bar itself was creepy enough, but these deep HLatN cuts made the situation even more unsettling.

The artist—who shall remain unnamed—was a very spooky type, the kind of person who frequents psychics and collects any sort of lost offensive treasures from decades past. It’s a cliche that can be blamed on popular culture, but I feared for my life, honestly.

Rufus Wainwright (Bass Performance Hall): For more information, go here.

“Stereo on Strike” (Zubar): The theme for this evening is “Electro Technicians.” Guests include Cygnus, Phooka, SOS Electro Crew, and VJ S(eye). I heard a lot of good things about this weekly, when I was out and about last night.

Moth’s Light (Prophet Bar): I’m mainly interested in this show since Moth’s Light includes a former member of Yay! Telescopes and Teenage Symphony. That would be local musician Geoffrey Spurgin, whose immense talent has gone mostly unheralded for too many years. Here’s hoping that it goes a little differently this go round.

Feeder Gainer/Astral Menace/Terminator 2 (Rubber Gloves Rehearsal Studios): As with so many other heavy shows, make sure to add the word “band” when researching Feeder Gainer’s music.

Pinkish Black (The Church): Not to be alarmist, and it could certainly happen anywhere, but I’ll probably miss this show, due to having my car window knocked out when I was at the Church last week. I wasn’t the only one; it happened to a friend parked right in front of me, and up to five other cars in the adjacent area, according to what a Dallas police officer told me. Just exercise caution, obviously. And don’t park on Hawkins, perhaps.

Pinkish Black and the Church are a great fit, and I highly recommend attending, even if the group’s sense of darkness is a little more subtle and sophisticated than some of the more latex-oriented nightmares of some of the Church’s regulars. Note that this show was rescheduled from a performance that was due to take place earlier in the Spring.


Halaska/Vaults of Zin/Whiteman Dancing (Rubber Gloves Rehearsal Studios): Vaults of Zin provides one of the few truly shameless prog rock experiences you can find locally, and they don’t play all that often, so see them if you can. By that same token, Rubber Gloves has decided that it will not be hosting shows on off-nights—or nights where they don’t have any entertainment booked—from now until “Free Week,” which comes at Summer’s end. So, all the more reason to make it out.

“Nightshift” (Ten Bells Tavern): This post punk-themed event features DJ Mudi, and even though you can often hear the genre piping throughout Ten Bells, this makes it a promise.

“Funkology” (The Crown and Harp): Resident “Funkology” DJ will celebrate his birthday by reviewing works from the past 25 years of his career, including his locally singular contributions to the revered Stones Throw record label.

“Another Fashion Party” (Circuit 12 Contemporary): This fashion show won’t include a runway; instead the models will be perched just above the audience on several platforms. What the show will have? Well, the third “top net musician,” Ynfynyt Scroll, according to art and culture site, Dazed Digital. According to the DD, Ynfynty Scroll is so good, he just might make you sick:

Pinning down this Dallas producer/DJ (/graphic artist/label co-boss’s) ‘sound’ is an arduous and regrettable task. His tumultous blends of blaring Baile funk, hi-speed Latin edits, soca rhythms (see ‘Playa’ below) to chopped up hip hop via ‘Karate‘ makes for an unforgettable if slightly nausea-enducing ride.

Sold. Joining Mr. Scroll will be Tony Schwa, who is riding a wave of nostalgic good will from more than a few formerly bored Monday nightlife addicts. I stopped by his newly revamped “Cool Out” weekly at Crown and Harp earlier this week, and it was more lively and packed than I had seen that particular building in years. It’s great to see “Cool Out” back where it belongs. For more info on this event, go here.


Knifight/Cutter/Def Rain (The Crown and Harp): Cutter and Def Rain both did fine jobs respectively, of making last weekend’s Oak Cliff Film Festival an actual “festival,” as opposed to just an overload of thoughtful film geekery. But, we kind of already knew that might be the case. It was one of the best weekends I’ve had in this city in some months, so thanks to all involved for that.

“Raw & Underground 7”: Juneteenth After Party (Rubber Gloves Rehearsal Studios):  A supposed four thousand dollars is on the line for this showdown between two local rappers, Bee-Dee Swaggna and Bino Freesosa Slaughter. Four thousand dollars, huh? Sounds like freestyle beats freelance.

“Punky Reggae Party” (Single Wide): The genre-specific theme for this event is as stated, celebrating that once improbable marriage between Punk, reggae, dub, and ska. DJ Benjamin White will be involved, which is great news, since he was a contributor to a successful and similarly themed night in his former Los Angeles. White had his own project called “Part Time Punks,” but was occasionally involved in an event with the same name as this evening’s party, at LA’s La Cita.


Linear B/Nick Hennies/Coppice/Jason Zeh (New Media Recordings, located at 1329 Hurley Avenue in Fort Worth): I caught Linear B at Rubber Gloves a few months ago, and it was every bit as acutely formless as I expected it to be, since it included Michael Chamy, who was once involved in a local group of sound tinkerers known as Zanzibar Snails. The guy can still play a World War II-era oscillator like nobody’s business. The blues are different for everyone.

Sea Wolf/Savoir Adore/Dark Rooms (Club Dada) 


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    Cat People (CD Release) with New Science Projects at Macaroni Island on Saturday.

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    Stereo on strike is some of the most talented people in the electronic music scene in Dallas. Truly one of the best places to escape the overly commercial music scene that seems to flood Dallas. Pls support these people.