Weekender: Dallas Area Concerts for April 4-7


“Stereo On Strike” (Zubar): Featuring the usual from Wanz Dover, as well as guests Gabriel Mendoza, and M3Sa aka Andrew Barton, sometimes collaborator of Bryce Isbell aka Fur, and who was once drawing stares and cupped ears for this video. We have not heard from him in a minute, but it’s a positive to see him pop up in Dallas, as opposed to Abbey Underground or something similarly Northern.


“Wave Back” (Crown and Harp): On the first Friday of every month, Denton party legend Yeahdef will be taking the littlest “d” aesthetic down south for a residency he calls “Wave Back.” If you’re wondering what separates this from other dance nights, Mr. Liechty has made a clarification via the page invite:

No wild dubstep or slamming electro, just feel good dance music with a funky bass line.

While we’re on the subject, was the dubstep employed in Harmony Korine’s Spring Breakers the funniest non-character in the film, and did you secretly kind of enjoy it? Be honest. We can discuss this if I bump into you at Crown and Harp. The guest this evening will be M3sa, who is keeping extra busy this week, and for the first time in a while.

Sin Motivo/Glue/Back to Back/Chainchomp/The Sentenced (1919 Hemphill): It’s been a while since I’ve heard anyone get excited over a demo, but there has been a decent amount of chatter over this show, which features just that—a demo release from Sin Motivo. The Sentenced is a newer band featuring members of multiple acts also playing this evening (Chainchomp, Sin Motivo), as well as Wiccans, though that’s not saying much since Wiccans has band members in about fifty other bands, and I don’t think that’s hyperbole. The lone description for the band Glue is as follows:


Some people around the state refer to our capital as “Hollywood, TX,” so they might have a hard time plowing through those particular semantics. Still, I appreciate the attitude. This is a punk show, in case you were wondering.


Schwa (Atama): Mr. Schwa will be performing a special early evening show in conjunction with the appearance of Sour Grapes 13’s Carlos Donjuan in the April issue of Juxtapoz Magazine. Donjuan contributed a unique perspective, especially regarding his younger audience, when he spoke earlier this year at the Dallas Museum of Art’s and Art & Seek’s “State of the Arts” panel discussion. You can see for yourself by going here.

Baños Y Baños/Fly Gallery/Cygnus Psyanide (Rubber Gloves Rehearsal Studios): It was troublesome to see that this event was billed as “a night of new Denton Post-Rock.” As an unlikely survivor of the post-rock nineteen-nineties, I was glad to see this overly stuffy egghead music die an unceremonious death with the advent of the delightfully talentless electroclash of the 2000s. Now that’s a genre that’s deserving of a comeback.

But upon further investigation, this Baños Y Baños track, entitled “Respite DIY,” is not post-rock, not at all. It’s a deliberate and negative little piece of apathy and feedback, complete with “But I don’t want to!” vocals that are both pouty and baritone somehow. That’s all fine with me. Did someone mean to type “post-punk?”

“Away from the Numbers” (Single Wide): The guest this evening will be Ben White, and one wonders how they fit all of those enormous music collections into little old Single Wide. This crowd relies very little on modern accoutrements.

DJ Questionmark/DJ Spinn Mo (The Ballroom at Holiday Inn, located at 1434 Centre Place, in Denton): Why didn’t anyone tell me that they threw shows at a hotel ballroom in Denton? Maybe someone here can actually mix a drink, rather than groom their mustache politely, like some other places in town.

The Southern Renaissance/Hanna Barbarians/Raymond Weyandt/The Lonely Solos (Double Wide): I have it on very good authority that Ray Weyandt is a quality singer/songwriter, and was then encouraged to make “Woody Guthrie jokes” at the artist’s expense. Is that all I’m good for? Making genre and icon jokes at an artist’s expense? Besides, I’m more of a Phil Ochs or Bill Fay kind of guy if I’m taking shots at singer/songwriters.


The Ape Hangars/Mr. Rid/Gabe Mendoza/Wanz Dover (The Crown and Harp): One of Dallas’ only instrumental surf rock acts will perform,  as sort of an unofficial after-party to the anachronistic and peaceful yearly showdown between the rockers and the mods this weekend.

Gun Outfit/Deep Throat/Pocket Change (Rubber Gloves Rehearsal Studios): Besides the great lineup, I also recommend this show simply for the fact that it resulted in a trojan horsed (seemingly) offensive image on the otherwise squeaky clean We Denton Do It site. The only other offensive thing I’ve ever seen there is myself wearing a basketball uniform.

8earcub/Rick Blaine/Solo Future/D. Smiley/SFS Souf/Buffalo Black/Choice/DJ Trek/DJ Priest (The Green Elephant): Poor Vida’s “Sunday Sessions” will culminate in an “all Trap Freestyle,” even if not every rapper today is enamored with trap music. Something tells me this crowd might not exactly care what Tyler the Creator thinks, however.



Image: Tony Schwa, in the glory days of Cool Out at the Cavern. Credit: Sally Glass. 


  • yeahdef

    man i wanna see that movie so badly. I just listened to the WTFpod.com joint interview with harmony korine and james franco. it’ll be interesting to see the movie after that talk.

  • Lonely Solos

    Hey there thank you so much for the shout out! we love and miss Dallas and it was wonderful to be home for a night…

    -Raymond (and the lonely solos)