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Questions With: Cody Canada on the 90’s and A Nearly Fatal Car Crash

Cody Canada got the 'Questions With' treatment before his new band's show this weekend. We discussed Star Wars, his love of Austin, and marijuana laws.

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As a longtime treasure of the Red Dirt music scene, Cody Canada’s Cross Canadian Ragweed gained a loyal following during their 16 years together. When word hit that the band would soon part ways, fans were understandably concerned and disappointed. When we spoke on the phone, Canada explained the group’s inevitable demise. “It was just time,” Canada says. “We had a drummer with a sick kid and he wanted to be at home with his family. Also after really being on the road, there wasn’t too much space between two bands to really get back into it. It was time.”

Now with his new band, aptly titled The Departed, Canada is back on the road and releasing new music once again. Adventus, The Departed’s first album, released late last year, and you can look forward to hearing the record in full at their show at the Granada this Saturday. Opening acts include Rodney Parker & 50 Peso Reward and Statesboro Revue, rounding out a celebratory night of Texas country.

FrontRow: What is the best concert and the worst concert you have ever been to?

Cody Canada: The best was Eddie Vedder in Austin, TX. It was an acoustic show that they had to reschedule because of some medical thing but thankfully, they made it on. He’s the most professional show I’ve ever seen.

The worst is hard because I’ve seen a lot of really bad ones. There was one band that was opening for Creed and people were just wasted. It was just the worst rock concert. Those guys are such posers.

FR: What was the first movie you saw in the theaters?

CC: It was Star Wars, if I remember correctly. I was probably four years old and I remember that skeleton head really well. It scared me pretty bad.

FR: What’s the closest you have ever come to dying?

CC: That’s a pretty hard one. I was in a car wreck in 1999 that fell 70 feet off a bridge. The truck got totaled, so looking back, that’s an easy question. I somehow walked away without a scratch.

FR: If you could choose any decade to live in, which would it be?

CC: I’m fortunate I was 13 when the 90’s kicked off. I felt like I was living at the right moment at the right time. There was a lot of good music, good times, but I’m also happy with where I’m at right now.

FR: What was your favorite toy as a kid?

CC: I collected a lot of Star Wars stuff. G.I. Joes were the one, though. I played with those pretty much all the time

FR: If global warming melted the ice caps covering 90 percent of the known world with water, what city would you hope was spared so you could live there?

CC: That’s a tough one! Very original though, I like it. I’d have to say Austin. I live 40 minutes from it and it’s a good mixture of music and culture.

FR: If you could change one law — make something that is illegal legal, or something legal illegal — what would it be?

CC: Legalize marijuana in Texas.

FR: If you weren’t playing music and had the talent and circumstances to do anything else, what would it be?

CC: I’ve dabbled in a bit of acting and if music wasn’t there, I might go back and try that.

FR: What’s on your playlist right now?

CC: Most recent has been Shinyribs, that’s in heavy rotation.