In a Chelsea Photography Show, Two Dallas Curators Investigate the Fog of War

Klemens Gasser & Tanja Grunert Gallery in New York recently opened a compelling exhibition entitled ENGINES OF WAR, curated by Dallas-based curators Charles Dee Mitchell and Cynthia Mulcahy. Featuring ten artists, documentary and war photographers, the exhibition illustrated the components that make up how the United States conducts war in the 21st century. War has changed in recent years with the advent of remotely operated aircrafts and therapeutic head gear used for soldiers battling PTSD, amongst many other devices which blur and mediate the experience of conflict. While the ways in which our wars are fought and soldiers are treated are ever changing, the constants of war also remain. The wounded, lost and dead, chaos and aftermath, prisoners and civilians are all presented here from many angles. Here are images of work in the exhibition, with shots of the opening below.

Artists include: Ghaith Abdul-Ahad, Iraq; Heather Ainsworth, USA; Lisa Barnard, UK; David Cotterrell, UK; Benjamin Lowy, USA; Christopher Morris, USA; Eugene Richards, USA; Jamel Shabazz, USA; Anthony Suau, USA; Teun Voeten, Netherlands

Lisa Barnard, Head Gear. Used by soldier receiving treatment…, 2008. Fuji crystal archive matt paper; 20 x 24 in. Edition of 7