Why it’s so Hard to Keep Up with Today’s Artist

A little over a week ago, I was tipped off that Dallas-based electronic producer Cygnus AKA Phillip Washington, had a new record coming out. The information was appreciated, as the 28-year-old has long been an interesting contributor to Dallas’ “electro-funk” micro-scene. He is more likely to be discussed by an influential British broadcast personality such as DJ Dave Clarke than your average local music witer. The first message came on January 22nd, and went exactly like this:

Now, before I could even get to the download I was sent after the first message, I received a second message. It appeared that Cygnus had a new album, yes, but he also had another new album, with the timeframe being about a week between the two:

Then the very next day, came this; the new album had turned into a “series.”

And finally, the only thing that can solve this whole multi-album relase (four in less than a week), is a potential box set. And a suggestion that I should contact Cygnus myself. Good advice, and we’ll have more for you soon.