Ticket Giveaway: A Pair to Eels at the Granada

Mark Oliver Everett’s band Eels has managed to steadily increase their fan following for more than 20 years. It’s hard to imagine that this indie rock band first started making waves by appearing on soundtracks to such films like Shrek, Scream 2, and American Beauty. Their latest album (and the 10th in their catalog) Wonderful, Glorious released earlier this month with critical acclaim, proving that even after all these years, Eels still manages to reinvent indie rock.

The guys started their world tour just a few days ago and will be making their way down to the Granada on March 7. Lucky for you, we have a pair of tickets to see the California rockers take the stage, if you can answer our trivia question of the day: Tell us your favorite Eels album and why in the form below. If we like your answer enough, we might just pick you as our winner this afternoon.

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