Solange Knowles to Play 35 Denton; Com Truise, Camera Obscura, and More Also Announced

It’s the kind of big-name  announcement that many observers, casual music fans, and would-be festival attendees have been waiting for, and today it finally came: Solange will be performing at 35 Denton. For the uninitiated, that is the somehow even hipper, younger sister of Beyonce. Solange’s avant-garde approach to R&B has seen the artist covering the Dirty Projectors, booking shows at the MoMa, and winning over such neo-cultural gatekeepers as Lena Dunham. Solange released an EP, entitled True, late in 2012, and the record turned out to be a rare late-calendar surprise for the music industry. The chatter heading up to her third full-length release, due sometime this year, is already deafening.

This is in addition to Com Truise, Camera Obscura, The Born Ruffians, and The Cannabinoids featuring Sarah Jaffe. Speaking of Jaffe, and in the usual 35 Denton fashion, you can see her performing Solange’s “Losing You” here.

35 Denton 2013: Announcement 5- with SOLANGE, CAMERA OBSCURA, MAN MAN + 23 more! from 35 Denton on Vimeo.

Image: Photo by Elias Tahan.