Dallas Season 2, Episode 3 Recap (2/4/13)

In last week’s episode, Bobby discovered that his wife Annie’s ex-husband, Agent Skinner, and his mean mom, Angela Bower, kidnapped Annie’s long-lost daughter Emma while her back was turned many years ago at the State Fair and raised her secretly in England. Along with the steady diet of fish and chips, she was also fed a load of b.s. about her mother being a drug addicted loser who didn’t want her, so now Emma wants nothing to do with Annie.

This week, we kick-off with Bobby Ewing returning to the family ranch to report to Annie what he discovered at his meeting with her skeevy ex-in-laws, the Rylands. The next day, Bobby and Annie decide to press charges of kidnapping against Harris in order to get an audience with Emma but at the police station, Grandma Ryland shows up to get in her digs at her hated ex-daughter-in-law.  In an interrogation room, Annie finally gets a sit down with Emma and tells her estranged daughter about her loveless marriage to the mentally abusive Harris, which drove her to abusing tranquilizers just to get through. Despite her full disclosure and showing Emma a box of baby keepsakes that shows that she never gave up hope of finding her, Annie is still given the cold shoulder by Emma who coolly tells her mom that she has confused love with guilt.

In another installment of The Adventures of Chris and Sis, Christopher and Tommy’s sister Becky show up at the po-po’s to file a missing person’s report. Becky gets cold feet, having seen enough Law & Order repeats in her sleepy Iowa hometown to know that if they file, every cop in the Lone Star State will be on the prowl for Tommy; she is unwilling to throw too much light on whatever shady dealings he surely must be undertaking. Chris says later for that noise, as the phone message that Tommy left last week said that if went ghost then Pamela Barnes was surely to blame and any dirt on the Anti-Pam would serve well in getting custody of his unborn twins. They speak to a detective and play Tommy’s voicemail for him and the cop agrees to search Pamela’s apartment.

Meanwhile, Pamela tells John Ross though they bumped uglies up and down her penthouse. The sex was all busines, not personal, and the only hooking up she wants is with the controlling shares of Ewing Energies that Junior has promised. But in order to make this happen, he has to finagle Elena’s shares to add to his own, so he goes to see his daddy J.R. for help. Lucky for Fredo, J.R. has been brushing up on his internet skills with the Video Professor (looking for ways to end-run Bobby’s cloud drive full of evidence that was used to blackmail J.R. last season) and pulls up Sue Ellen’s loan to Elena for the Henderson tract. It shows that Elena will default on the loan if she can’t produce any oil, allowing Sue Ellen to take Elena to the cleaners. When Junior protests that Sue Ellen won’t want to be the bad guy, J.R. tells him to play up the brokenhearted son card and Mama will come out swinging.

Southfork gets a new arrival: Elena’s brother Andres (Drew). Apparently, Drew was a bit of a hellraiser in his youth. He got into a bit of what my grandma would call “devilment” (possibly with John Ross) and was given of choice between Fort Hood and Huntsville. Now back from the Army, Drew wants to catch his sister’s upcoming wedding to Chris, settle down and make his fortune on the small plot of land that their father died trying to get oil from. Elena tells him that there’s no land anymore, as their mom sold the land to Bobby when the family was going through a rough financial patch. Drew doesn’t take the news well.

Sue Ellen meets with Junior and sees through his act (being married to J.R. all those years gives you an allergy to b.s.) but sure enough, her maternal instincts kick-in, and she shows up at Elena’s office demanding to know why the Henderson tract hasn’t produced any oil. Elena says that there’s a salt pocket in the way and blah-blah-blah-SCIENCE!!!, but Sue Ellen shows her the hand and gives her a month to pay up. Now desperate, Elena goes to her brother and offers him a chance to avenge their papi by striking oil on Henderson land, but salt isn’t the only impediment because John Ross has secretly bribed the foreman to stall the operation.

Becky goes to the Anti-Pam and Frank the Scorpion King. She reports that Chris has the 5-0 searching for Tommy. Pamela tells her that there’s nothing to worry about because the cops won’t find him (‘cause she effin’ KILLED HIM, bwah hah hah!). Still, Becky’s feeling cornered and wants a million bucks for her silence or she’ll sing like a canary. Later, Chris gets a call from the detective saying that after hosing down Tommy and Pamela’s pad at the Southside with luminol, the cops found traces of Tommy’s blood; what was now a disappearance is turning into a homicide investigation. Chris texts Becky the news and she realizes that she now has to get the hells outta Dallas, but before she can bounce, she opens the door to a very menacing Frank. Looks like snitches will get stitches. . .

The next day, Pamela shows up for questioning by Dallas’ Finest and flips the script by spinning that Christopher found out that Tommy assaulted her and swore revenge. Chris tries and tries to get hold of Becky with no luck. Frank gets a late night visit from J.R., who knows about the cops finding Tommy’s blood and guesses Pamela has something to do with it. He also knows about Frank’s jealousy of Pamela being the apple of her father’s eye. If Frank can produce Tommy’s body and the murder weapon, he’ll get back into Cliff’s good graces. John Ross is back at the Anti-Pam’s and can’t help but betray his feelings for her when he finds out that Tommy may have hurt her. Seeing that the dope is hopelessly sprung for her, Pamela gives it up for him.

Bobby gets word that the statute of limitations has expired for prosecuting Harris Ryland for kidnapping, and seeing nowhere else to turn goes to J.R. for help. The old man is more than happy to apply his dark arts to a family enemy. But unbeknownst to Bobby, Annie has decided to take matters into her own hands. She visits Ryland at his place and after letting him monologue for a couple minutes, blasts him away with a handgun. . .

And so ends “Sins of the Father”, episode three of the second season! Not much in the way of location shots, so our Mapscos are going to have to stay on the shelves this week. Instead, in honor of one of my favorite shows- Community, which returns (finally!) Thursday night, here’s an installment of Old White Guy Says (J. R. Ewing edition):

(to Frank)

“It’s a sad day when old man like me can sneak up on a super-ninja like you.”


“Frank, I’m J. R. Ewing. I can make a body appear at a church social without anybody knowin’ how it got there.”

See y’all next week!