Questions With: A.Dd+ on Batman, Dying, and Polygamy

Paris Pershun and Slim Gravy of A.Dd+ created a cult following after the release of their debut album, When Pigs Fly. The 15-track LP, produced by hit-master Picnictyme, is a refreshingly synchronized work of hip-hop that sounds heavily influenced by the creative lyricism and innovative production of artists like Outkast and Kid Cudi. But the duo have a sound that is strictly their own by somehow capturing everything urban and cool about our city into a record that is considered to be the best hip-hop album to ever come out of Dallas.

Both rappers have distinct qualities, not only ini their rhyming style and technique, but, as I found out the other day, in their personalities as well. Slim Gravy is more likely to crack a joke, while Paris Pershun handles the business side of the conversation. They worked all night re-mastering their latest effort, DiveHiFlyLo, and when I asked them if they were intimidated at all by the success of their first album, Paris quickly reassured me otherwise. “This record is way better than the first one, I think, because on the first one we were kind of rushing it,” he said. “This one, we got to work with a lot of other producers and take time on it.”

They’re having a pretty big album release party at the Granada on Saturday night, and if you haven’t made plans to be there yet, then I would encourage you to rearrange your calendar.

FrontRow: What is the best concert and the worst concert you have ever been to?

PP: I think the best concert we’ve been to was Future. The worst one was when we saw this guy, some unknown rapper, he basically turned on the crowd and was cussing them out and stuff.

FR: What was the first movie you saw in the theaters?

PP: The first Home Alone. The very first one, I think

SG: I don’t remember the first movie, but I think it was Lion King.

PP: I remember Lion King, too.

FR: What’s the closest you have ever come to dying?

(Both start laughing)

SG: Which story do you want? There’s been so many times. My favorite one was when I was being chased around the neighborhood with a rifle by my baby mama’s new boyfriend. I turn around and this n**** has a rifle. I just started running.

FR: If you could choose any decade to live in, which would it be?

PP: I would choose the ’70s because that s*** had some of the best music ever made.

SG: I’d choose right now, I’m good with right now. We have more freedom now than we ever did.

FR: What was your favorite toy as a kid?

PP: I loved Power Rangers, I don’t know if you watched Power Rangers but they had that one white ranger that would morph into a tiger or whatever. I had that.

SG: I would say Legos. I played with Legos a lot. Oh, and I had Batman stuff. Nobody could f*** with my Batman collection. Nobody.

FR: Should the United States adopt a national healthcare system similar to the United Kingdom or Canada?

PP: Sure. How are we going to say we live in a country that’s so great and you can’t even get healthcare?

FR: If global warming melted the ice caps covering 90 percent of the known world with water, what city would you hope was spared so you could live there?

PP: I’d have to say Dallas.

SG: Yep.

FR: If you could change one law — make something that is illegal legal, or something legal illegal — what would it be?

SG: Well, I would want to legalize polygamy. I’m dead serious. If that was legal then I could finally marry all these girls.

PP: You know this is being recorded right?

SG: Oh, for real?

PP: I would say nothing. I’m perfectly fine with everything. If I could just get my parking tickets and driver’s license taken care of, that would be it. I haven’t had my driver’s license in like seven years.

FR: If you weren’t playing music and had the talent and circumstances to do anything else, what would it be?

PP: I’d be a lion tamer. Or a tiger trainer. A liger…a liger trainer.

SG: I’d probably be in real estate or something like that.

PP: Man, that’s not what you would pick! She said if you could be anything.

SG: Oh, if I could be anything? I’d want to be a mind-reader. Not like a fortune teller. Like Mel Gibson in that movie What Women Want.

FR: What’s on your playlist right now?

(Both laugh)

PP: Honestly, I’ve only been listening to our stuff right now, the record that’s about to come out.


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