Weekender: Dallas Area Concerts for Dec 20-23


“Street Hop Presents The Source Party”: Renzo & Street Hop Family/Rockbaby/Dawodu Inc/Buk Baby (Hailey’s): In frequent visits to Denton, I’ve noticed that Hailey’s is usually the go-to spot on Tuesdays for “90’s Night” during the school year (dollar doubles anyone?), but otherwise, I can’t say that it’s a particularly popular hangout. The place doesn’t really seem to have a consistent identity anymore. Is it a dive bar or a grimy club? And something about all those black walls and the offsetting strobe lights tends to make me a little antsy. As my friend so fancily described it, “It’s like a cave that a Christmas tree threw up on.” Her words, not mine.

All this tends to work against Hailey’s, unless there’s a worthwhile show to attend (Star Party always comes to mind) and my predictions tell me that this Street Hop show is going to draw a nice crowd, mainly, because I feel like Denton’s always craving good hip hop. Watching multiple people sing karaoke to “Black and Yellow” at Public House or hearing a constant loop of Biggie’s Ready to Die at parties seems to support that claim. Renzo may be the founder of Denton’s Street Hop label and the headlining emcee, but I’ll be looking forward to the “swag stylings” of Buk Baby. Another plus: cover’s pretty doable for this one if you’re of age to drink. Responsibly, of course. Unless, they’re still doing those dollar doubles, because let’s face it: there’s nothing responsible about taking shots. — Iris Zubair

The Demigs (Sundown): From their Facebook page: “Denton-tested, hipster-approved.” — Iris Zubair


This Will Destroy You/True Widow/The Angelus (Granada): Forget the hazmat suits, the tins of Spam, and cases of bottled water. You know what you really need for the apocalypse? A good soundtrack. This show is a good mix of everything epic, momentous, and looming all wrapped up into the perfect auditory setting for the end of the world as we know it. You won’t find much lyrically at this show, but the sweeping instrumentals of these acts bring just as much fervor to the stage.

I always felt This Will Destroy You was destined to write a film score. Which is why when I saw I heard their song, “The Mighty Rio Grande,” playing in the trailer for Moneyball, I was prematurely patting myself on the back for being a soothsayer of such career trajectories. I haven’t heard any news on more film music from the group, but I’m still holding out on the possibility.

Also hitting the stage is Texas three-piece act True Widow, demonstrating the art of “stonegazing,” a term they coined themselves and from what I’ve gathered, a grittier answer to the shoegazing sounds of their predecessors. The Angelus has a pretty distinct style that’s difficult to classify, but they are fairly gothic and brooding overall. — Iris Zubair

“End of the World Beer Pong Friendly” (Ash Studios): I’ve never been good at beer pong, so naturally, I don’t play beer pong. But sadly, I know far too many people who would be seriously affected if this nonsensical game could never be peer-pressured into playing again. If you can sympathize, then check out the details of this shindig:

Adam Pickerell
DJ Killtron
DJ Genova
Beer Pong
Digital Art Projections by Fred Villanueva
Dance Dance Dance
$10 general

— Iris Zubair

AM Ramblers/Paychecks/Old Snack (Dan’s Silver Leaf): I’m already counting some points off for this show being listed as the “Last Show on Earth.” It’s simply hard to believe that this is the last time the AM Ramblers (or any band of “Ramblers”) will play at Dan’s Silver Leaf, apocalypse or not.

Old Snack is a great band in the traditional sense, as far as melody and chops and catchiness are concerned. They’ve really been a contender for all around best band in town, but a few annoying little factors have prevented it: Absurd name, sporadic performances, and, well, I’ve talked to one of the members on Gchat before. Disqualified. But listen to the track, “Snack Wish VI,” for a reminder of why this band matters. I put it on a mix recently and stumped a friend who was surprised it was a local band, but also surprised it was this local band.

“PamFood” will be served, and that’s what the Denton insiders call the food prepared by the Silver Leaf proprietor’s wife, and I finally had some after being teased with it for what felt like a decade. It really lives up to the hype and has the sweet and savory clash that is always big with the self-proclaimed gourmets of the area. – Christopher Mosley

Mike G/Ynfynyt Scroll/Air DJ/The Real DJ Zone/DJ Yayyay (Undisclosed Location): I forgot to specifically give Track Meet all the credit for the “slime rave” phenomenon in my piece on trends in 2012, and I hope to clarify that here and elsewhere. Here is all the information you need for this very exclusive show:


As part of his U.S. tour, Track Meet’s flying in Mike G and hosting his stop in Dallas to welcome him as Texas’ newest resident … Secret loft, all RSVPs will receive address the day of the party (Friday, 12/21). $5 Cover.

– Christopher Mosley

Secret Cakes/Shiny Around the Edges/Def Rain/Cerulean Giallo/Yeahdef (Rubber Gloves Rehearsal Studios): “Apocalypse Party” is the theme here, surprise, so I would dock for that, but this is a fine lineup, and I like the inclusion of Denton legend Yeahdef—see Iris’ comment in the first show above about 90s night for proof. He established that—with some pretty unusual rock acts, and at least one electronic pop project. In other words, there isn’t a dull moment in the lineup, and this is probably the place to be if you haven’t left Denton yet to go visit your family in Fairview. – Christopher Mosley


 Salted/Eccotone/Midnite Society (Rubber Gloves Rehearsal Studios): Now we have a bill called “Apocalypse Survivors Jam Band Social,” and that’s less grating since it’s kind of funny and completely untrue. Eccotone demands a lot of attention for being loud; their URL is “eccotoneisloud.” Anyone can be loud. Especially if you spend the money, but it’s what you do with the loud. But we knew that already. I think. – Christopher Mosley

Slobberbone/Old Warhorse/Cornhole/The Make Believers (Dan’s Silver Leaf): Are you beaten down by the “Armageddon” mentions yet? Have time for one more? I just want you to suffer with me. This is billed as “The World Ain’t Over ’til We Say it’s Over.” Pretty bold statement for a show of usual suspects at the Leaf. Not quite: Cornhole and The Make Believers almost never play anymore. – Christopher Mosley

DJ Night Nurse/TV Jesus (Red Arrow Contemporary): Red Arrow Contemporary has a pretty interesting New Year’s Eve bill planned, and there is a lot of fierce competition in that regard this year. To see how well the space fares as a party destination, you can stop by for a preview at this event, which features visuals by TV Jesus aka local video artist Jason Marsh.

Ecocide/Steel Bearing Hand/Cerulean Giallo (Bryan Street Tavern): It’s encouraging to see that Cerulean Giallo includes a drummer. In founding member Justin Gray’s older project, A Smile Full of Ale, the guy did it all himself. That included playing drum beats, intricately tapped bass guitar notes, and singing, all at the same time. That’s simply too much for any human, and it’s usually best to let someone else handle the rhythm. And how, judging by the unbelievable drumming in this Cerulean Giallo live video on Violitionist.

San Antonio’s Ecocide is back from a break with an upcoming release on Tofu Carnage Records, that’s the local label who recently put out the Unconscious Collective LP– Christopher Mosley


Mindboil/Releaser/Cleric/H Cough Noise (Deeptown Events): Who would have a hardcore show at some wild spot near Downtown on the eve of Christmas Eve? Hardcore “kids,” of course, and considering what the holiday usually brings stress-wise, this is looking pretty attractive. – Christopher Mosley

“Gift Rap” presented by Pronail Princesa (WAAS Gallery): If you don’t know, “Pronail Princesa” is Vanessa Quilantan, a writer specializing in hip hop who has made a lot of waves with her work on the subject of late, if the boys would just let her have her say. So far, she thankfully seems unfazed, and I wish I had read her numbers on Kreayshawn before I did my year-in-trends piece.

The show features appearances by Jenny Robinson, Bobby Sessions and the Track Meet DJs. If you haven’t been to this memorable South Dallas gallery, I recommend it. – Christopher Mosley







Photo: Old Snack’s Aaron White in live performance. (Credit: Andi Harman)