Spotify Playlist: D Magazine Melts Your Christmas Candy 2012

We’ve been getting into the holiday spirit this week as we rev-up with year end mania before shuttering the office next week through the end of the year. But before we head out, we wanted to share some of our cheer with you by way of a little holiday music.

Sure, plenty of people and publications have been compiling lists of their favorite Christmas songs, but rather than just pointing you to Fairytale of New York for the um-billioneth time, we thought we would provide you with a list of our favorite songs that almost sound like they might be Christmas songs, only they are only sort of, almost Christmas songs or aren’t really Christmas songs at all. Zac, Bradford, Christopher, and I tossed around some titles, and we came up with this: “D Magazine Melts Your Christmas Candy 2012.” Enjoy!

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