You Remember When Silver Apples Headlined Melodica Fest, Right? Now They’re Coming Back for 35 Denton 2013.

I keep promising myself I’m done with covering music festivals for the year. That being said, you should really check out the Fest News Twitter feed. It’s a little sarcastic, but it seems that they have the scoop on all things fest-related.

I’m not as fast as that, so I’m here still trying to pick apart this announcement, which once again comes in video form. This time around the video features a terrific cover of the Silver Apples‘ 1969 classic, “You and I,” reworked by the ever inventive singer and synth-manipulator (and manufacturer), Lars Larsen with some confident and powerful backing by former Record Hop drummer, Tony Wann. Wann currently performs in a prog rock group with Larsen called Strange Towers, which FrontRow mentioned here on a recent weekend preview.

It’s nice to see that at least one tenacious blogger formerly associated with the North Texas music press seems to have bought a book or two (or at least used Google or YouTube) and learned that the Silver Apples actually exist. After all, the unfathomably futuristic sixties act headlined a music festival in Dallas four years ago, and weren’t even mentioned in his review of the festival he deemed “self-indulgent,” at the time. Today the same writer refers to them as a “pioneering electronic act.” I’m glad Central Track suddenly discovered a  band they’ve already seen. It only took you four years (better late than never).

The rather significant announcement of Silver Apples is in addition to Thurston Moore’s brand new project, Chelsea Light Moving, which has a brand new track called “Burroughs.” Is there a more Thurston Moore-like move Thurston Moore could have made? With the mere inclusion of the words “Chelsea” and “Burroughs,” it’s as if he’s trying to assure that he hasn’t changed at all. Judging by the agitated nature of the track, he hasn’t. It’s the closest thing to Sonic Youth at their dissonant best from Moore in a while. Here’s an “officially unofficial video,” according to the Matador Records website.

Combined with a lineup that includes everything from the devastatingly entertaining rapper, Killer Mike, to the neo-classic garage and country poetry of Reigning Sound, to the truth-in-advertising breeziness of dance-act Poolside, it’s looking to be another critically acclaimed and intelligently-booked lineup at 35 Denton in 2013. And that’s likely the last you’ll hear about the festival from us this year. Unless they book Trust or something.

For the lineup so far, go here.

Image: Killer Mike, in performance at the Granada in June of 2012. Photo by Andi Harman. 



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