Weekender: Dallas Area Concerts for Nov 29-Dec 2


“Denton Femme Fest” featuring Deep Throat/Rip The System/Mary Walker/Maria Cecilia/Mesha/Erica Granados-De La Rosa/Sheila Bustillos Reynolds/Jessica Murrell (Hailey’s): “Eclectic” is not a word I often agree with when it’s used to describe most lineups, but it’s appropriate in this case. Featuring everything from spoken-word (Erica Granados-De La Rosa) to an actually formidable punk group (Deep Throat) to R&B (Mesha), this is a legitimately uncommon lineup. The mixed bag is also a kind one, since proceeds will benefit the Denton County Friends of the Family, a domestic violence shelter.

I’ve noticed there have been a steady amount of benefit shows in Denton recently, and it seems that other communities might do well to follow suit. It can’t always be all about you, you know? — Christopher Mosley


Juve/Museum Creatures/Bryan Burns/Bella/DJ Street (Connective Hub, located at 14228 in Addison): Now, here’s a benefit show that’s not in Denton. The somewhat unconventional electronic acts Juve and Museum Creatures aren’t exactly who I expect to see playing a silent art auction in Addison, but that’s a shrewd move on the part of the organizers. Chances are both the crowd and the artists will get some mutual exposure to which both are not accustomed. So, what could just be a run-of-the-mill event with pedestrian entertainment, will actually wind up being pretty special. Benefitting the Dallas Morning News Charities.

The art for auction will be provided by a long list of local artists such as Michele Franzwa, Breonny Lee, and the Hexter Elementary Art Club. I hope those aren’t the same kids who were recently banned from a gallery for a collective self-immolation piece protesting Museum Tower. (I’m going to go ahead and make sure you know that what I just typed was a joke, and I would love to see what the young club dreams up.) — Christopher Mosley

Brave Combo (Dan’s Silver Leaf): Anybody in the mood for polka night? Denton’s very own Brave Combo is bringing their eclectic stage show to the Silver Leaf again, which means lots of free-spirited dancing will likely ensue. While there are several reasons to dig Carl Finch’s band, Dick Sullivan lays it out pretty well here. I, myself, became a fan after seeing their cover of “The Chicken Dance” on  Futurama. Not so much because I can tolerate that stupid song, but because I respect any band that can make it sound somewhat bearable. – Iris Zubair

 New Science Projects/Square Business/Special Guest (J&J’s Pizza): This is the annual Christmas-themed New Science Projects show, and I just can’t bring myself to make any seasonal jokes just yet, so I’ll let them have their fun. Oh, don’t forget the soy eggnog, for the vegans, and I mean that sincerely. The egg nog sucks, but nobody deserves to go without. — Christopher Mosley

Andrea Bocelli (American Airlines Center): Bocelli might be one of those shows you put on your bucket list, because not everyday do you get to witness an opera singer this iconic in action. Tickets are pretty expensive for this one, but the possibility of crying like a sissy during “Tremo E T’Amo” remains priceless. – Iris Zubair

Tab Benoit/Somebody’s Darling (The Kessler): Tab Benoit is an excellent live show for a couple of reasons. First, he always keeps banter fun with the audience, and secondly, he’s a total guitar wizard. Local favorite Somebody’s Darling mixes in some Americana to the folk-filled night with Amber Farris’ powerful vocals. Check out the live clips of “Too Cold” and “Another Two Step” for reinforcement of this sentiment if you don’t believe me. -Iris Zubair

Sufjan Stevens X-Mas Sing-a-long/Sheila Saputo (The Granada): Adding to the list of people who celebrate Christmas way too early is Sufjan Stevens, who is gracing us with his “X-Mas Sing-a-long” an entire month before the big day. Considering this show is sold out, you may have a hard time getting in without a pre-ordered ticket (and those tickets are non-transferable). That is, unless, you find a clever way to trick the doorman. I’m not encouraging it, but the spirit of Christmas can make you do some pretty drastic things. – Iris Zubair

Roger Creager (Billy Bob’s): Creager apparently has a cult following in Texas, as I suppose several other country singers do around here. His brand of twangy-two-step isn’t really my cup of tea, but I can’t deny the greatness of “The Everclear Song” because let’s face it: a night spent drinking Everclear deserves to have a song written about it. – Iris Zubair


The Southern Renaissance/Dylan LeBlanc/Lincoln Durham/Quaker City Night Hawks/The Hanna Barbarians (Club Dada): Club Dada is hosting this special Southern Renaissance Ramble night where bands from Austin, Shreveport, Fort Worth, and Dallas are grooving together to celebrate all things, well, southern. Dada’s site mentions, “We are hoping to get the bands coordinated to arrange a handful of special joint performances you won’t get at a typical show. The initial thought was to include all the things we love, good music, food, art, and culture. There will be local BBQ and local brews!” So, will there actually be joint performances, good music, barbeque, and booze? I suppose we can’t say for sure. Words like “hoping”, “coordinated”, and “initial thought” make me question the validity of the evening’s agenda, but one can hope. – Iris Zubair 

The Breakfast Machine/Roomfour/The Diabolical Machines (The Grotto): At least one regular FrontRow contributor was not happy with the Breakfast Machine’s victory over RTB2 as “Best Rock Act” in the recent Dallas Observer Music Awards. Now, while I understand Mr. Sullivan’s frustration, I also have to ask: What exactly would be accomplished or communicated by RTB2 winning this award, when they have already won for “Best Group” before? It’s a vote-based system and the people chose Breakfast Machine. And I’m not just saying this because I happen to agree with “the people,” for once. — Christopher Mosley

Away from the Numbers (Texas Theatre): Tonight’s guest is Jake Schrock. I asked Mr. Schrock to send me a few titles that he might play this evening, and he ignored the request, which is his right. He did post a YouTube clip of Lizzie Mercier Descloux’s cover of Arthur Brown’s “Fire” on the event page, so that we know. The dancing, the performance, and the singer herself just might my favorite three minutes and eighteen seconds out of the four billion hours of video on the site, so I’m okay with being ignored in this case. I just hope he has it on vinyl. — Christopher Mosley


David Bazan Band/Stagnant Pools (Dan’s Silver Leaf): Most of David Bazan Band’s tour dates are sold out, but luckily, their show in Denton is still up for grabs. This is basically a celebration of the vinyl re-issuing of Bazan’s former indie band Pedro The Lion’s concept album, Control. The band will play the masterpiece (in my opinion) in its entirety to commemorate the 10th anniversary of its release, which means the night will carry the morally challenging theme of a business man having an affair on his wife. With that added sentiment, you can look forward to brooding classics like “Magazine”, “Options”, and the aptly titled “Penetration.” Stagnant Pools from Indianapolis supports. – Iris Zubair 




Image: Deep Throat’s Taylor Kimbrough in live performance during Rock Lottery 11. November of 2012.