Weekender: Dallas Area Concerts for October 18-21


Arturo Sandoval/Yells at Eels (Kessler Theater): A special side-note about this jazz event: Dallas musician Freddie Jones—who can be heard playing trumpet around town whether it’s a steakhouse or the DMA—has volunteered his time to take a group of twenty amateur musicians to not only hear the renowned Sandoval live, but also to attend a talk by the artist, just for them. The venue itself has also offered to “give these young musicians unprecedented access to the behind-the-scenes production process of putting on a show.” I think all area music writers should also attend the latter.  In a nasty and often unnecessarily rude business, this was a nice detail.

Bad Times/Dinner Party/Luca (J&J’s Pizza): If it’s been too long since you’ve witnessed a hastily thrown-together show at J&J’s, then perhaps tonight is your chance. I once heard it suggested that I’m missing my target audience by listing the occasional show at this pizza peddling venue. I would counter by suggesting that there is certainly enough informational confluence between the corporate venue-worshipping show listings of other writers, those who “break” news on the same big pop shows that are sent as PR fodder to everyone in town. However the rest of you get your hits, it’s alright with me.

Earlimart (Good Records): The show is free and is in conjunction with the release of the group’s new album, System Preferences.

Dino/Prince William/Track Meet (Absinthe Lounge): One of the best reasons I’ve seen yet to go to Absinthe Lounge: The welcome and increasingly uncommon return of Prince William to the area.

My Education/The Tidbits/Zanzibar Snails (Club Dada): The average Club Dada regular should tread with caution here, though they probably need to attend more than anyone. This is a trio of acts who bear little resemblance to the usual song-and-dance booked at the venue, which includes Zanzibar Snails, a North Texas drone act who were once ubiquitous with every experimental show that rolled through town.

“Discipline” (Rubber Gloves): Be on the lookout for some pretty outstandingly-booked live performances at this event, especially around the week of Fun Fun Fun Fest. That’s true for many venues around here, but the Discipline crew will be scratching a different surface, as always.


“Lolaspalooza” (Lola’s): If you’re looking to squeeze at least one more music festival in for October, then Spune, once again, has your fix. I’m extremely wary of anything with “-palooza” attached to the name, including the original event, and also including the “sexy Native American woman” promotional imagery.

It will take some effort, but you could make the most of this by picking and choosing some quality acts (Fungi Girls and even the Meat Puppets, for example) among those that are little more than cartoonish facial hair and equally cartoonish throwback and roots rock. You have to be kidding me with some of these Allman Brothers’ getups. Still, ten bucks a day isn’t too risky, and you can see all the details directly from Spune by going here.

Star Commander/Stymie/Dead Ramones/Negaduck/Division of Power/Those Damn Kids (1919 Hemphill): To kick off the Fort Worth DIY spot’s ten year celebration, a number of acts have reunited, serving as a reminder of various moments in the storied arc of 1919. I’m suddenly flashing back to all the times I’ve typed these names in a frantic rush to finish these previews. Nice to see you again, everyone. I’ve heard that a secret reunion may take place with another 1919-related band, but I don’t want to spoil the live retrospective taking place this weekend.

“Deep Shade” (Texas Theatre): There may have been a time in Dallas when nobody could have ever imagined that the Texas Theatre would someday be paying tribute to the Starck Club, but here we are in “the future,” so why not? A special Starck Club-themed dance party will take place in the lobby of the historic theatre following the showing of Warriors of the Discotheque, which is a documentary focusing on the legendary venue that acted as the nucleus for Dallas’ significant contributions to international dance culture in the late 20th Century. Anytime you can come away more informed from a party is a party worth attending. Recommended.


Madonna (American Airlines Center): See our write-up from the print edition here. Update: Saturday’s date has been cancelled; tickets are being refunded at point of purchase. For now, Sunday’s date is still on. 

Hate Your Friends/Best Fwends/Chest Pain/Boogdish/Igloos/The Shortest Distance (1919 Hemphill): Chest Pain is the personal favorite act here, and though they are firmly an Austin band, lead singer Travis Smith was a regular at the space during respective stints in the now defunct Tyrannosaurus X and Angry Businessmen. And though Chest Pain is the standout act here, Best Fwends tend to stand out anywhere.

Pissed Grave/Distort/Insinnerator/Dire (Deeptown, located at 2620 Louise Avenue in Dallas): Going on band names alone, I’ll give you one guess as to what kind of show will be taking place at this brand new DIY venue. Deeptown is located beyond Downtown, where all the action happens now days it seems. You can also rent the place out for your own purposes, and these details make it sound downright enticing:

Raw Urban Live Venue just south of Downtown
No noise or time restictions. Electricity and Water.
Starting out at $175 per evening.

No noise or time restrictions? Sign me up. I’ve been looking for somewhere different to regret the next day.

Cats & Dogs: A Benefit for the Denton Humane Society (Rubber Gloves Rehearsal Studios): Judging by the amount of local name acts, it appears the organizers for this benefit actually care about the animals that they are trying to help out. You can’t always solve dog and kitty problems with a jam band. That’s just life. Schedule and talent as follows:

6:15p – Wirewings
7:00p – Talked Out
7:45p – New Science Projects
8:30p – Ryan Becker
9:15p – Dim Locator
10:00p – A.M. Ramblers
10:45p – Daniel Rush Folmer
11:30p – Brent Best
12:15a – Mind Spiders

“Glamorama” (Beauty Bar): Blake Ward’s reliable weekly had the following message for the recent influx of TX/OU weekend interlopers and I’m sucker for mission statements such as these:

For you our of towners: We dont play “Call Me Maybe,” “Gangam Style,” or “The Cupid Shuffle” at Beauty Bar. It’s Indie Dance, 80’s, a hint of Hip Hop, some House, and some classic party tunes.

I wonder how many people asked anyway.

Pinkish Black/The Good Sons/The Black Dotz (Doublewide): Wanz Dover will be pulling double duty tonight, as his ambitious yearly homage to Nick Cave (The Good S0ns), will perform along with the headlining Black Dotz.

Cygnus/Jake Schock & Timm Clark/Chris Ackert/Gavin Guthrie/Gina G (Ruthie’s Hideout): Costumes are “strongly encouraged” at this Halloween-themed loft party.


Akkolyte/Wild/Tribe/Pinkish Black/Mean and Ugly/Electric Vengeance/Raging Boner (1919 Hemphill): 1919 ends its three-night celebration with its strongest lineup, a hardcore-heavy group that isn’t entirely hardcore, which is always the best kind.

Photo: Rick Vanderveerdonk of 1919 Hemphill. Photo by Andi Harman


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    For the sweater clad set Hospitality and TEEN are playing Bryan Street Tavern Sunday night. Touring show of the weekend. WAY TO SLIP MOSLEY.