A Take On ‘David Holzman’s Diary’

Over on Glasstire, Caroline Koebel offers a great reading of one of my favorite films, and what could be called the greatest film ever made by a guy from Dallas. Nope, not Bottle Rocket, though that movie could fall into both categories as well. I’m talking about David Holzman’s Diary, which received a screening inAustin back on September 4. From the piece:

A narrative (in the form of an enacted diary) that interlopes into nonfiction and experimental discourses, David Holzman’s Diary comprises a treatise of sorts on (the nature of) cinema. By injecting pockets of critical reflection into the “straight” unfettered self-made story of one young man’s life during wartime, McBride troubles conventional narrative’s requisite “suspension of disbelief” while permitting the viewer to lose herself to the “real” of the film if only to continually return.

Check out Koebel’s piece, and then if you’ve never scene L.M. Kit Carson’s film, go rent it. It’s at Premiere Video.