Weekender: Dallas Area Concerts For August 23-26


Likuid Khrome/Air DJ/Shooknite/Ynfynyt Scroll (Rubber Gloves Rehearsal Studios): Likuid Khrome hails from Austin and has a mix from earlier in the summer that you should check out. Entitled Bala Fría Mix, it features such Texas dance visionaries as Ben Aqua and Ynfynyt Scroll, who is also performing, along with many other artists.

The opening track is Ynfynyt Scroll’s “Butch Queen,” which gracefully fades into Paul Marmota’s almost moving, “Yohimbe.” From there it descends into a variety of erratically-paced edits from a variety of producers, who give sped-up, razor-cut takes on everyone from Cam’ron to Aaliyah, though usually it’s simply their most potent lines effectively mixed into the chaos. Aaliyah pops up a couple of times, actually, which should bother almost nobody my age, specifically those who have fond memories of the era over which she reigned.

Let’s hope none of these DJs show up for the “Adult Spelling Bee,” at the same venue later in the weekend (see below). Then again, you have to know how to do it right in order to do it wrong.


How I Quit Crack/AFTV/Deflowered Electric Flesh Bride/Habu Habu (Black Lodge): The Black Lodge is a mysterious DIY venue that popped up late last year, and every time they host a sporadically scheduled show, the lineup is always far better than most shows in Dallas proper. Tonight is no exception, as it features a discriminatingly plucked selection of locals, including Habu Habu, which features Greg Prickett, the virtuoso guitarist of both Black Dotz and Unconscious Collective. Also on the bill is Aaron Gonzalez’s always entertaining, makeup-caked, solo project, Deflowered Electric Flesh Bride, as well as AFTV, which includes Tiago Vargas, a “Denton is Burning” regular.

Finally, there is Austin’s How I Quit Crack, who always put on a perfectly strange show, combining a gorgeously pained sound with over-the-top costumery that borders on the theatric. Make sure and read this illuminating truth-in-advertising interview with How I Quit Crack in Vice. You’ll quickly know within the first few sentences whether or not this will be the type of show that at which you’d like to find yourself, and I hope you’re as hopelessly sold as I am. Artwork will also be on display, including work by Evita Cortez, and the mineralogically obsessed, Matthew Koons.

Flatworld/Gonzo City/We the Sea Lions (The Grotto): This CD-release show for Arlington’s Flatworld also features We the Sea Lions, and I can’t remember if I’ve asked them to fight with Sea Lion over the name yet. Either way, let’s get to swinging and suing, fellas. I can’t believe such an undesirable name is in such high demand. Fascinating.

Lindsey Buckingham (Cendera Center): Discussions regarding Fleetwood Mac often to turn to the same “What if” conundrum that applies to bands such as Pink Floyd, or any other classic act where a prominent member was replaced early in the group’s development. When the question is in reference to classic rock guitarists, then things will often get heated, especially when you have two as different as original guitarist Peter Green and Lindsey Buckingham are from one another. There is a certain camp who will always maintain that Green’s tougher blues-influenced style is preferable to Buckingham’s gentle yet complex folk-picking approach. But it was Lindsey Buckingham’s more pop-obsessive style that arguably made Fleetwood Mac the impossibly ubiquitous act they became in the 1970s.

It could be argued that Buckingham’s fluid and melodic style made it much more acceptable for such an anti-blues rock technique to get popular with the British buying public especially, as Johnny Marr would sound a lot more like Buckingham than most traditional shredders a decade later. Personally, I think one of the best examples of how quietly iconic Buckingham became was this sample by Girl Talk on his infamous Night Ripper record. But you can skip the samples altogether and actually see Buckingham himself at the somewhat surprising venue, the Cendera Center in Fort Worth this Friday.

“Adult Spelling Bee” (Rubber Gloves Rehearsal Studios): If you ever wanted to get revenge on that one spelling bee opponent who thorned (nota word) your side in elementary school, this is your chance. The thought is probably terrifying to some. This is exactly what it says it is, and I know a few editors around town who would probably smoke you at this, so beware.


“Thread Count” (Deep Ellum Lofts Continental Lofts): Presented by the consistently active, not to mention actively outspokenGreen Bandana Group. Billed as a fashion show, there are will also be “live graffiti” and “art installations,” and you can even get your nails done. As always, I appreciate the energy and enthusiasm of Green Bandana, but some of this hyperactivity makes my head spin. A fairly successful artist once gave me some decent advice, and I’ll paraphrase: “Find a focus for your space and your time and do the best you absolutely can on that one focus, before going on to the next.” He was complaining that far too many artist collectives opened spaces that quickly failed, since they attempted to be a “One-Stop Bookstore/Art Gallery/Hair Salon/Dog Groomer/Coffee Shop.” I think that’s pretty sound advice, and I only mention it since I’m rooting for this type of activity in the city, in hopes that it doesn’t sink under its own grand ambition.

Also: The flier also irresponsibly beckons you to come “interact with models.” What pressure. No further hints are given as to the nature of this interaction, or more importantly, whether or not this will be  a positive interaction. Psst, attn: Models – “Interact” at your own risk. I don’t like the sound of this.

What I do like the sound of? Ten Dollar cover and your drinks are free. Tip generously. “Amateur Bartender at Crowded Fashion/Gallery Event” is just about the most thankless job description in the world.

“Art Conspiracy Presents RZN8” (Life in Deep Ellum): See Mr. Simek’s description over on our wonderfully informative new feature, “This Week in Visual Art.”

“Deep Shade” (Sandaga 813): The space at Sandaga 813 is highly conducive to DJ sets, but no surprise there considering the venue’s history. Guests include the rather different but both veteran DJs R9 and Jonathan Graham, along with the usual lineup from “Deep Shade,” which includes Gina G, Gavin G, and Chris A. Early arrival is rewarded by a vinyl sale that lasts from 7 pm to 9 pm. Which only means I should avoid this place at all costs until shortly thereafter.

Glamorama (Beauty Bar): The guests tonight include Dallas dance scene staples, Killtron and Genova, who are pretty significant and either would probably be enough to fill out the crowd a bit. Not that Beauty Bar needs too much help on a Saturday.

Yells at Eels/Nervous Curtains/Blixaboy (Bryan Street Tavern): Planning for a busy fall? Something tells me no matter what you’re up to, you won’t be anywhere near as busy as Sean Kirkpatrick and his group, Nervous Curtains. For a full month, the band will be on tour on weekends only from September 7th to October 7th. Says Kirkpatrick:

Mini tours. This schedule is ridiculous. A bunch of criss-crossing over the Midwest and Eastern US. But it’s the only way we can do it with our jobs and wives and such. Lots of driving, a little bit of playing and no sleeping.

Personally, that suits my lifestyle just fine and I have found touring the most rewarding way to pass one’s time on this tragic sphere. So, I’m a little jealous, even of the impending “Tour Floor,” or what happens to a vehicle’s floor during a tour as it slowly builds a one-foot layer of discarded trash, journals, cardigans, rare cassettes and books. This is followed by “Tour Burn,” or the light hint of PTSD one gets when returning to the 9-5 and the way you detachedly stare into your food while your loved ones ask you annoying questions. Tour dates are as follows:

Fri. Sept. 7    Hot Springs, AR  – Maxine’s w/ Pinkish Black
Sat. Sept. 8    Fayetteville, AR – Lightbulb Club
Thurs. Sept. 13          Norman, OK  -Opolis w/ Depth & Current
Fri. Sept. 14   St. Louis, MO – Foam
Sat. Sept. 15   Lawrence, KS Replay Lounge
Wed. Sept. 19   Dubuque, IA – Off Minor
Thurs Sept. 20  Oshkosh, WI  – Reptile Palace
Fri. Sept. 21   Milwaukee, WI   -Riverwest Public House w/ Catacombz
Sat. Sept. 22   Chicago, IL – Township
Fri. Sept. 28   Austin, TX – 29th Street Ballroom w/ Pinkish Black, Sungod
Wed. Oct. 3     Chapel Hill, NC – Local 506 w/ Octopus Project
Thurs. Oct. 4   NYC –Piano’s
Fri. Oct. 5      Washington DC – SOVA  w/ Screen Vinyl Image
Sat. Oct. 6     Baltimore – The Pentagon –
Sun. Oct. 7     Memphis – Lamplighter

Rerog/Luke Sardello/Wilson/Timmy Harp/High-C (Texas Theatre): Unfortunately, you just don’t see Rerog’s name in enough event listings. Back when he would occasionally guest at Rubber Gloves Hip Hop nights in the late 90s, he was one of the local greats, especially for that genre and that time. This is in conjunction with a showing of The Wiz, so this solid lineup will be playing soul tracks accordingly.


Reverend Horton Heat/Sallie Branch (Love & War in Texas): Plano families having a lovely Sunday evening meal (following youth mass, perhaps), might find themselves in for a rude shock as they walk past the patio to the dining hall at Love & War this evening. Most of the time Love & War hosts fairly mild country acts, but in this case it’s the Reverend Horton Heat, and his style of rockabilly tends to be a little more potent than much of what is played on 95.3 – The Range. I wonder if Al Jourgensen’s notorious quote about the band applies here. I hope not.

Image of How I Quit Crack via