Photos From BEEF (Presented By S.C.A.B.) at Angstrom Gallery

We mentioned a show in our roundup last week called BEEF, which opened at Angstrom Gallery last Friday. BEEF was presented by S.C.A.B., a newish collection of art collectives. Photographer Jason Acton brings us some images of the art and the scene from the opening. 8885635437

Pictured at top: Jonas Park with Jeff Zilm’s Untitled (BEINJACKTAR), 2012 Acrylic on canvas; 120” x 3.” (all photos by Jason Acton for D Magazine)

'Diptych' by Eli Walker Oil and Enamel on Canvas 78 x 42 inches
Justin Hunter Allen, 'Q The Answer to What? A: I Dont Know…Fuck.' 2012. Acrylic and marker on canvas. 60" x 60"
'Double Wide,' by Eli Walker
'Sad Addy' by Joshua von Ammon Oil on Canvas 96 x 79 inches
Danny Rose with Alexander DiJulio, 'Bright Black I,' 2012. Tar on emergency blanket over panel. 18" x 24"
'Dark Masters' by Alexander DiJulio
'Attempt 21,' 2012 by Arthur Pena; mounted paper on canvas
Nathan Green and Meg Glausser with 'Slip/Strike' by Nathan Green; mixed media


  • Thanks for these great photos. Angstrom will be holding gallery hours for the next two weeks from 2pm-6pm Wednesday through Sunday. Please stop by to check out the great video by Kelly Kroener and Lucy Kirkman if you didn’t get a chance to see it at the opening.