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Weekender: Your Guide to The Best Dallas Area Concerts For July 19-21

Who is the best guitarist in Dallas? The Deep Ellum after-after-pancakes party. Will The Make Believers play a surprise reunion set? And more.
By Chris Mosley |


The Paperhead/D. Watusi/Fungi Girls/The Longshots (The Where House): A couple of young yet anachronistically-minded Nashville bands will find themselves at the Where House tonight, playing either uptempo garage rock (D. Watusi) or uptempo 60s psych sounds (The Paperhead).

It’s likely that these bands have found themselves in the company of older record collectors who say things like, “How do you know this song, man? Your dad wasn’t even born yet.” Perhaps the internet has already given cause to dispose of such small-minded generational assumptions. Since the Where House is on Hemphill Street, it’s in everyone’s best interests to head down a ways to El Mil for an excellent pre-show dinner, diet permitting, of course. These are perhaps the second best tacos you’ll find in North Texas, next to Taqueria San Luis, which is also close by.

The Fungi Girls are said to have some new material for this set, and the other day I was pleasantly reminded that they thanked my old blog in the credits to their debut record, so I’d like to take this time to thank them back. In fact, this was around the time I was going to make a “best of” list that only included records I was thanked on, including Health, Finally Punk, and Angry Businessmen. So, thanks to all of them as well. I decided not to do that or ever mention it again, because it would be really arrogant to do so.

“Denton is Burning” (Rubber Gloves Rehearsal Studios): So completely out nowhere, the love and lifestyle-inclusive “Denton is Burning” returns with one its irregularly scheduled shows, featuring Houston’s Rabit, San Antonio’s DJ Yayyay, and our very own Track Meet. This show is actually so special that champagne will be provided in the unlikely confines of Rubber Gloves from 10 pm until 11 pm, or until it runs out. I give it four minutes. For a taste of what to expect, here is a rather unsubtle and NSFW sample from Rabit.

Young Leaves/Black Wine/Brick Mower/The Half Truths/Talked Out (Andy’s Bar): I was originally excited about this show because Secret Cakes was on the bill. It appears that they have been replaced. Does anyone have the scoop?

“Big Bang” (Beauty Bar): In lieu of Sober, who is on a West Coast tour with A.Dd+, tonight’s guests are El Roy Boogie and DJ Rockwell, from Houston.

Take 5 Thursdays (Swallow Lounge): Featuring our interview subject from earlier in the week, Tape Mastah Steph, as well as Sissy Ross, and DJ Charlie, who is based in Austin.


Frank Ocean (Southside Music Hall): For more information on this unsurprisingly sold out show, click here.

The Smoke” (Sons of Hermann Hall): Amazingly, this mod-obsessed dance night is celebrating its 9th year, and will do so with some guests in addition to the regular talent. Those include Blaggard from San Antonion, as well as Modsesitto Cerecedo Rios, all the way from Mexico City. This all-ages event is only five dollars, which is dirt cheap for Sons of Hermann.

“Groove Therapy” (Sandaga Eight Thirteen): This stacked lineup of over seven artists includes D’s very own, Kelly Marie.

Zhora/Missions/Lean Hounds (Good Records): Austin’s Missions are one of the only bands in the state that regularly comes up in conversation when DJs are around, and the moodiness of their synth-made tracks easily justifies the distinction. The group has a new seven-inch record on the Pau Wau imprint, and it comes shaped as a triangle—as unique as the band itself. The group performs later in the evening at the Where House in Fort Worth.


Diamond Age/Def Rain/Paranormal Romance/DJ Foolish 2 (J&J’s Pizza): Not sure about this entire lineup, as there are a couple of new and unfamiliar names, but I can tell you that the principal members of Def Rain and Diamond Age played a large role in the successful music portion of the Oak Cliff Film Festival last month.

Black Dotz/New Fumes/Peopleodian (Bryan Street Tavern): As Wanz is wont to do, he has warned that the Black Dotz will be playing fewer and fewer shows, so see them while you can. After seeing them perform in a variety of challenging settings recently, I’ve concluded that band-member Greg Prickett might just be the best guitarist in Dallas. This is an excellent night of music overall.

The Rich Hands/Doom Ghost/War Party/Dead Mellotron (The Where House): During the lead up to the Fort Worth Weekly Music Awards, I had the pleasure of spending an entire afternoon walking the rather consumer-friendly blocks of the city’s West 7th area, to take in as many of the regional-specific bands as I possibly could. Afternoon turned to evening, which concluded with a set by oft-employed War Party, and I found them to be a band that does not live up to their somewhat intimidating name, but that’s to their credit.

The group is a decent rock band, but their good-time “rock” material was not their chief strength. They were actually at their best in their most melodic moments, which is not true for most acts, since hammering out an actual melody is something very few individuals can do well, though many try. So, sing like birds, fellas. Leave the hooting and hollering to lesser party animals.

“Deep Night Dance Party” (theSPace): I’ll leave it to the tireless cheerleaders of Deep Ellum to discuss their outdoor market and the concluding celebration at Dada. That’s great and all, but that’s merely an “after-party.” This promises to be an “after-after-party” according to Vincent De Jesus, one of the organizers who wrote FrontRow this week about the event. I am currently working on a manuscript for a book detailing how after-parties have secretly determined the history of humankind. After all, you may take a date out to dinner, but an after-party says a lot more about who you’ll ultimately end up with.

How is this different from the average after-party? Pancakes are involved, and that hilarity has everyone around town chatting this thing up already. But these aren’t the Batter Blaster insta-cakes of other shadow events, no ma’am. These will be prepared by an actual “celebrity chef,” Mr. Richard Pratt, who, according to the chef’s catering website, claims he doesn’t “just put food on your table,” he “places memories in your heart.” Though I’m constantly in a struggle to keep both memories and pancakes away from my heart, I think I’m more than ready for this.

De Jesus went to explain that theSpace will also be serving orange juice and “fun toppings,” and I can only imagine what that means. But a small word of warning: I have been to two recent events at theSpace, and while they were both enjoyable, they were also fairly popular, so who knows when those pancakes will run out. The party starts at 1:30 am, so don’t be late. There is also supposed to be dancing and karaoke involved. But—pancakes.

Dove Hunter/Old Snack (Dan’s Silverleaf): There’s a highly believable rumor in regard to this show, that the Make Believers are to play a surprise, and one would expect short,  set between the Old Snack and Dove Hunter performances. That would be the now-defunct band who were a stepping stone in the evolution of Old Snack, before guitarist Will Kapinos left the group, and who now performs with Dove Hunter.