Is It Too Late For Flaming Lips To Heal Wounds With Badu?

As Bethany mentions in Leading Off this morning on Frontburner, the Flaming Lips may re-shoot their controversial video for “First Time I Ever Saw Your Face.”

Lead singer, guitarist and songwriter Wayne Coyne said in an O Music Awards interview Thursday (June 28) that his band’s “dust-up” with the R&B singer has been mostly in fun. But he admitted that he doesn’t know if the nudity-filled video for “The First Time Ever I Saw Your Face,” which Badu said made her feel “violated,” will officially return.

“At the moment, I’m talking with [Dresden Dolls singer] Amanda Palmer about remaking the video and having Amanda sing it and just be in the video.”

I suppose it is all well and good that Coyne is showing some sensitivity towards Badu’s reaction to the video, and, perhaps, facing up to his less than forthcoming approach to capturing the nude Badu, and her even more nude sister, for the piece. But isn’t the damage already done? This is the internet, that odd churning rumor mill where things move lightning fast and yet gaffes never really die. We’ve all already moved on from the spat, and new video is just going to ensure that the original video with Badu will receive another round of tweets and postings (see). Shouldn’t Coyne just drop it?


  • Magnus the Red

    OK, that video was just f**ked up…

  • SMC

    He’s a fame whore….Wayne will not drop it because he doesn’t have an original idea left and will continue to exploit the creativity of other artist as the only means in which to keep himself in the spotlight. Fuck the lips and their cash-grabbing, fame hungry bullshit.