Dallas Symphony Suspends CEO/President Search

Sigh, why is this not surprising? After all, it seems like the trend on east side of Flora St. these days is to run organizations without a boss. Last week we learned that the AT&T Performing Arts Center was not going to search for a new CEO anytime soon after the abrupt departure of Mark Weinstein. Now, this notice drops in the inbox: the Dallas Symphony, which has been operating without a CEO since Bill Lively’s abrupt departure a year ago, throws up its hands and says, “Who’s fooling who, the board is going to run the show. That’s how it’s done in the Arts District,” or words to that effect. All I have to say is, watch out Keith Cerny. Here’s the DSO’s actually brief:

The Executive Board of the Dallas Symphony Orchestra has temporarily suspended the search for a permanent CEO/President of the DSO until they are further down the road on long-term financial solutions. This allows the Executive Board to remain focused on developing long-term financial solutions to ensure a secure, lasting and vibrant future for the DSO.  David Hyslop will continue his service as interim CEO and President.