At The Drive-In is Playing at Trees Tuesday Night and Other Show Notes

You may have noticed that Texas emo legends (not many of those, are there?) At the Drive-In have been performing in such event-rich locales as Marfa and Red 7 in Austin, ahead of their much discussed appearance at Coachella.

Tickets are now on sale for a last-minute Dallas appearance at Trees tomorrow night, so aging, nostalgic, emotional rock fans of dubious taste, you had better act now. They seriously might sell out by the time you finish reading this post. Update: Tickets sold out in three minutes, according to the Trees Facebook page.

And in case you don’t know, At the Drive In were a beloved post hardcore act from El Paso, who were phenomenally influential in their seemingly short career, inspiring youngsters around the world to grow out their hair and play agitated guitar music, before the same fans all became DJs just a handful of years later. They are regarded as one of the best live acts of their time, and their microphone twirling antics are still hailed as “seminal.” The group notably covered the seldom-tackled “Take Up Thy Stethoscope and Walk” from the first Pink Floyd album. That’s probably the best thing about them. They then gave the world Mars Volta and Sparta, leading their fan-base down two respectively different rabbit-holes that were simply cruel. It even led some individuals who had once harbored good sense to drive all the way to Houston to watch an emo prog band perform a three-hour set.

Now, back to the future: The locally-founded, and still part-locally based, Forest Family Records will be seeing the Dallas debut of one of their acts this evening, as Keep Shelly in Athens performs at the Prophet Bar. FrontRow was really hoping to have the balearic-styled Greek group perform at one of our live events last year, but unfortunately, visa issues derailed the process. That’s an all-too-familiar story for North Texas music fans lately. Forest Family is releasing both of the group’s sold-out EPs as one package later this month. Here’s a video for the band’s recent track, “Our Own Dream.”



If you’re in Denton this evening, Rubber Gloves has its “Denton is Burning” weekly, which is an “LGBTQI-friendly party for gay-straight wants and gay-straight needs.” It’s also a low-key way to see some of the area’s best dance talent, when they aren’t playing packed weekend parties in undisclosed locations.

Finally, speaking of “FrontRow Live,” have a look at our lineup for our next event in May, which features Strfkr, Ben Aqua, and Onra.