Ticket Giveaway: Pink Martini at Winspear Opera House

Picture yourself, happy hour, clinking a pink martini against the glass held in your lover/friend/friend-you-wish-was-your-lover’s hand. Why? Because if all goes well, tonight the two of you will be out celebrating your big win of today’s FrontRow giveaway: a pair of tickets to see Pink Martini live at the Winspear Opera House on March 25th.

Hailing from Portland, Oregon, Pink Martini considers themselves global archaeologists of the musical variety. What does that mean, exactly? Bandleader and pianist Thomas Lauderdale puts it this way: “If the United Nations had a house band in 1962, hopefully we’d be that band.”

With a set list inspired by romantic Hollywood musicals of the 1940s and 50s, you’re sure to spend a classy evening sipping on Pink Martini’s tunes. So go ahead. “Like” us on Facebook, raise your glass, and tell us: what’s your favorite old Hollywood musical?

We’ll pick a winner at 3:00 pm.

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