Local DJ Remixes ‘Bill Nye the Science Guy’ Theme Music

Leaving no stone of 1990s nostalgia unturned, area artist Ynfynyt Scroll aka former Observer “North of the Dial” writer Rodrigo Diaz, has transformed the already danceable theme from the educational PBS children’s show, Bill Nye the Science Guy, into a remixed “club edit.”

The original was already hilarious; this is just as funny. If the chants of “BILL BILL BILL BILL…” into, well, infinity, don’t make you smile this afternoon, then nothing will.

The show ran from 1993 to 1998 and its memorable theme song was originally composed by Mike Greene. Greene has worked extensively in television, scoring considerably less kid-friendly programs, such as Sleeper Cell and a 1996 “video documentary” entitled Playboy: Girls of the Internet. His more recent activity includes designing voice-replicating music software that features an extremely thorough bank of musically malleable backing vocals.

The track is available as a free download on Ynfynyt Scroll’s SoundCloud page.

Ynfynyt Scroll – Bill Nye Theme (Club Edit) [FREE DL] by ynfynytscroll


  • Jared


  • James McKenna

    My wife and I co-created the show with Bill. We are big fans of Mike Greene. He also created the music for another show we produce for public television called “Biz Kid$” His theme helped win us the Emmy for outstanding show open two years ago. Thanks for the nice comments. Also, nice job on the mix.