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Live Blog: Big Rich Texas Season Two Premiere

Merritt Patterson live blogs the first episode of the new season of Big Rich Texas.

Come back tomorrow for my Big Rich Texas season 2 premiere recap.

9:00 Season 2 previews. It looks as if Whitney kicks Kalyn’s crown-wearin’ butt. And Heidi Dillon hits the set.

8:58 pm. Bonnie storms out to the fields and confronts Leslie about the Tyler thing. Screaming. More screaming. Cussing. Whitney gives Leslie a double-handed birdie and they take off in a pickup truck.

It seems that the big hunting gala is being held in Mesquite. Better than Fort Worth I guess.

8:56 pm. During the break Leslie provides viewers with a beauty tip about installing your own fake hair. Something about fishing wire.

8:52 pm. Then Pam tells Bon about Tyler only dating Whit because his mom made him. It looks like Bon might shoot Leslie after the commercial break.

8:50 pm. Pam is already telling the Jersey-like mom that Leslie is a climber.

I hear the new lady is from Colleyville but I think there’s some Jersey in her somewhere. Just sayin’.

8:48 pm. They’re at the girls’ hunting extravaganza. Connie kicks Whitney out because she’s on probation at the club and this is a club event.

8:43 pm. I’m so trying the Revlon color-stay shadow. BTW, more later but I found out Leslie has a bodyguard now. For real.

8:41 pm. I was right. [See 8:33 pm] Bon is now suspicious of Leslie. Break for the Bounty commercial.

8:38 pm. Back in Plano Hannah tells her mom that she’s not returning to Missouri. In fact, she’s moving to California. There’s a “great school there in Santa Monica.” The conversation takes about 2 minutes. Pam is convinced in that amount time so they move on and chat about Leslie. For longer than they talked about Hannah’s future.

8:35 pm. Hannah promises Whitney that she’ll kick Tyler in the scrotum next time she sees him. Spoken like a drop-out raised by Pam.

8:33 pm. Everyone is turning on Leslie. Bon is sticking with her but I feel tension.

8:32 pm. Connie and Pam go shopping for hunting clothes. They get fur.

8:31 pm. Whit says Leslie is a liar. She says she doesn’t own the properties she claims. She called Leslie a scam artist. Yikes.

8:28 pm. Bonnie gets the call from Whitney that she’s coming home. Whitney was supposed to be in school in Washington but she never got around to it. Bonnie’s husband is mad.

8:24 pm. Kalyn tells the girls that she has to enroll in college as part of Leslie’s race for the crown. Grace, Maddie and Melissa want to know where. Kalyn can’t remember the names of the schools she’s considering.

8:22 Hannah is dropping out of school in Missouri. Whitney has been in Seattle with Tyler but he blew it when he revealed that he’s only dating her because his mom made him. He’s just being honest, Whit.

8:19 Leslie needs a hobby so she told Kalyn she has to be Miss America.

Big fight at the country club. Pam throwing out four letter words with her flower arranging husband backing her up. Ignacio, just stop!

8:16 pm. Important. I forgot to mention that Connie announced she found out that the Leslie Birkland who owns buildings in Seattle is Asian.

8:13 pm. Pam, America still hates you.

8:11 pm. Leslie has backed out of investing in the club. She is opening a pilates studio instead. Oh nice, Pam. Pam just called Bon a loser.

8:10 pm. Shoot. Me. Now. The new chick has a laugh worse than The Nanny.

8:08 So far we’ve discovered that Leslie Birkland has moved to a condo from her mansion. Not because of money but because she wants to be more eco-friendly. And they didn’t need the extra 13,000 square feet since Tyler moved out.

8:07 pm. Women don’t go hunting for a girls’ weekend. Period.

8:00 pm. Pam looks different. Procedures?

6:10 pm. Come back to this post tonight at 8:00 and hit refresh often for unfolding scoop on the season 2 premiere of Style Network’s Big Rich Texas. If you need a refresher, hurry up and check out the season 1 finale recap.