Leslie Birkland of Style Network’s Big Rich Texas Speaks Out About Pamela Martin Duarte

Leslie Birkland of Style Network's Big Rich Texas Speaks Out About Pamela Martin Duarte

In order to keep my faith in humanity alive, I’d been approaching the recaps of Style Network’s Big Rich Texas with a naïve confidence that the show is heavily scripted. That made it less disturbing and helped me rationalize how I’ve been spending Sunday evenings.

But yesterday I spoke with cast member Leslie Birkland and as if telling me Santa isn‘t real, she hurled this one on me, “The show isn’t scripted, there’s an outline of where you’ll be filming but the words are all your own.” Then she told me that not only is the on-camera tension real, it’s worse than anyone can imagine.

If you’ve seen an episode or have run across some other Big Rich Texas off-camera drama, you know that by “tension” we’re talking about “Pamela Martin Duarte.” She’s mean, nasty and not the slightest bit apologetic.

Birkland said, “She’s not a nice person. I don’t say that often.” She paused, and then coughed it up, “There’s usually a redeeming quality you can find in someone but she doesn’t have a kind bone in her body. You only read about people with personality disorders like that but you never think you‘re going to meet one.” She described Duarte as having “no shame whatsoever” and “a grandiose ego like I’ve never seen before.” 

Birkland says she expected the obvious downsides of being on a reality television show and knew up front that there would be a lot of bashing from people. But she added, “You don’t expect it to come from another cast member.”

I needed examples and that seemed no problem at all, Birkland got started, “Pamela said something on camera that was so horrific even the network couldn’t deal with it.” And according to Leslie, Style officials have told her it won’t be shown.

Setting the scene: If you’ve been keeping up, you know Birkland’s husband, Rick, died in a drowning accident in 2008. Though they were newly divorced at the time, she explained that they had been married for 20 years and “just never broke up, we were going to re-marry in December but he died in October.” She recalls the incident saying she was walking the dog and didn‘t see it happen but, “Rick was on the boat with the kids and they saw everything, it was terrible.”

Back to the part Leslie still can’t stomach: During filming, she was a dinner guest in Pam’s home, along with her date, A.J. the golf pro from episode 2. That’s when Birkland says Pamela started in on her rather aggressively with questions about her ex-husband. Leslie explained the tragic circumstances of his death and claims Pam responded, “Did you hold his head under water?”

So I spoke to Duarte about Birkland’s version of events. She did that evil little laugh viewers have grown accustomed to and said, “I don’t remember saying that but all of this hoopla is being made about her dead husband and they were divorced. It‘s all B.S.”

Pam, I’d know without a doubt if I’d ever asked someone about holding a dying man’s head under water. But that’s just me.

And as if that weren’t enough for one evening, Leslie said that Duarte also, “Started beating me down about properties I own, kind of indicating that I had been dishonest about my finances.”

Duarte, did you? Yep. She remembers that part, “She might have a few houses but I don’t believe they are mutli-million dollar homes, no I don’t believe it.”

Birkland told me her home in Seattle is on the market for $3.5 million and in a matter of seconds could produce statements from accounts showing she has well over a million in cash, separate from investments or properties. She added, “I really don’t think Pam can do that.”

Eventually the stress of Pamela’s unrefined party manners, mixed with Birkland’s aversion to confrontation, led her to request that she no longer film alone with Duarte, “There has to be another person in the scene besides me and Pam.” She added, “She’s just really scary.”

As we wrapped up our conversation, Pam advised me, “Be nice.” And seriously, this is the best I could do.

I’ve got more behind-the-scenes drama from Leslie, Pam and other cast members coming soon.


  • After reading this article I am floored. I became a fan of the show after watching the 1st episode. I love reality and keep up with most of the shows. I created a fan page supporting Bonnie & Whitney. I do that so I do not bother my friends in their news feeds with comments on the show. It was done very innocently. I went on to the main page of Big Rich Texas to defend a comment made by Pam to Leslie referring to Leslie as someone who gets around. From that point on I have been verbally attacked on Facebook by Pam and people who say they are personal friends. Not only me, anyone who supports Bonnie or Whit. One day I was attacked so badly by Pam and friends because they thought I was a relative of the producer. I was forced to contact Bonnie by my personal Facebook to verify that I am really a fan of the show. This was very awkward. Bonnie was very kind and made me enjoy the show more. I did so thinking this would stop the bullying on Facebook, but it has only become worse. Facebook accounts with no pictures, friends, or any interactions besides with BRT and Pam were personally attacking any person supporting Bonnie or Whitney. If that wasn’t enough then came personal friends of Pams calling people ugly, bitch, asshole, stupid, and the list goes on. I read an article on Bon’s web site,​js-rothschild. This article is very disturbing to think a cast member would create an account to humiliate fans. This same individual physically threatened to find a person and break their knees. Even people on Facebook has to fear the bullying of Pam to watch the show. I really enjoy the show, but this article makes it even more real that people should be afraid to be found. I’m the type of person that likes to think people make mistakes, and learn from them, so I hung in there with the show. I also believed a network would not allow viewers to be bullied and it would stop. To date it has not and my fan pageand now I’m very concerned. Now I understand why Leslie is not on Facebook. I guess the bullying will not stop until I delete a fan page of a show I love (minus that laugh of Pam’s) and stop watching the show all together. Thank you Leslie for being brave enough to speak out. I had a friend who lost her child to suicide because of the bullying he suffered at school. The network needs to do something and quickly.

  • Leslie is right, the show is not “scripted” but they do write story boards and tell cast what they are going for in each scene. They will lead you to say things, even suggest lines for you, but you are free to say in your own words. To me, …that is still a scripted show. I’d like to know what these women do in their real lives that made them so interesting as to be cast and why we’re not being allowed to see that. I can only speak for myself and the great storylines we were talking about doing, only to then have producers set up events and cast people in roles rather than film my real events and real people i deal with in the course of my life. I wanted to do the show to promote my passion for polo and my very real charity events. Doing the show would have been of no benefit to me if we weren’t filming my real life. A fake event to make drama over a silly tattoo was a waste of my time and talent.
    Pam is scary, I don’t blame Leslie at all!

  • How did Hannah turn out ok with an evil Mom like Pam. If anyone said the things to me that Pam has said to some of the castmates… her a$$ would be grass. You stand up for yourself ladies! Dallas has your back!

    Pam, Karma’s a Big Bad B*tch. I’d be watching myself.

  • Elizabeth Zarate

    Being from Texas, I am ASHAMED that we claim Pam as one of our own. I totally understand that SOME people with a rich, lavish, posh life can be completely callous, braggadocious, and snobby- AT TIMES. Pam, however, takes it to an extreme. I can’t help but think that the people here in Texas are real, nice-to-anybody, respecting, friendly, classy people. Most of us are; but Pam REALLY makes Texans look TERRIFYING and downright MEAN. She needs a reality check. I’m 29 years old, and I was CERTAINLY NOT raised to act like Pam. The people that do act similar to her are ostracised and have no freinds. Pam, you should REALLY think about how you are making your fellow Texans look.

  • Liza

    Does no one think that Whitney’s behavior is abnormal? Pam is certainly mean, but Whitney is a vicious little bitch. come on people! Why is a 23 year old woman verbally and physically assaulting an 18 year old girl, and no other “adult” present defends the girl at all. And as far as Whitney constantly creeping on the teenagers, it is disturbing. Keep her away from the kids folks!

  • Statement in response interview with Leslie where false accusations were made:
    None of the cast is supposed to do interviews that have not been sanctioned by Style so publicity will be getting into this. The network has not had any special issues with the show content and Spike and I are not aware of anyone feeling threatened while filming. We are grateful for everything Pam and Ignacio made possible as well as the sacrifices of the rest of the cast.
    Allison Grodner

  • It’s entirely possible that the above comment was left by Allison Grodner of Fly On The Wall Productions in LA, however, I’m working to verify the authenticity. I have been contacted by two individuals claiming that Grodner is not the author of the comment. I’ve left word with her colleague, Jeff Anderson. The IP address of the comment looks to be in Plano, Tx.

  • I just heard back from Jeff Anderson at Fly on the Wall and he assured me that the comment above did not originate with Grodner or the production company.

  • Team Bon & Whit

    Wow! Someone pretending to be from a production company. Merritt, thanks. It’s good to have someone interested in the truth. GREAT WORK!

  • Well, I for one, am TEAM MERRITT! Whoop! And to address Team Bon&Whit’s comment, Leslie is on Facebook. She just uses an altered version of her name to keep randoms from trying to Friend her (smart). Although, as a Social Media Marketer by profession, I would suggest that she and Pam start a Facebook Fan Page, like the other ladies to keep her public and private lives separate.

  • Team Bon & Whit

    @Cynthia, lol If there is a Team Merritt fan page I would certainly join. I heard Leslie mention her Facebook on the show. I should have clarified I meant fan page, because as a fan I would not think to invade her personal privacy.

    Ever since this article the JS Rothschild has dissapeared, thank you.

    I see many young viewers on the page and they were called awful and ugly by Pam’s personal FB. Those comments have been deleted the following day, but I’m sure the young women saw them.

    Merritt, I do not the history of this train wreck I refer to as the Sybil of Facebook, but I’m glad you have been reporting.

    You have the BEST recaps of the show and look forward to them weekly.

  • Team merritt all the way! Way to bust her out, great sleuthing. We knew it all along, thoguh. Even if I didn’t personally know allison and all of the producers on the show, I never doubted it wasn’t Pam. what a psycho!

  • Team Bon & Whit

    Well I’m not a Pam fan that is for sure, but in all fairness we really don’t know 100% that it is Pam herself. She has personally attacked her cast mates online and fans, but as far as the false statement from the production company may not have been her. Just trying to see both sides, sorry. It’s my nature.

  • Dena Miller

    Jeff Anderson of Fly on the wall, formerly Allsion Grodner Productions did talk to Merritt on the phone and confirm the statement did NOT come from Allison or anyone wtih production. As we knew.

  • cb brewster

    Pam is an evil bitch who needs to be put in her place. She likes to bully people that she doesn’t like or approve of and I admire Bonnie and Leslie for standing up to her. Good thing she doesn’t live in Louisiana. We don’t put up wit that garbage here. She wouldn’t last very long.

  • Team Bon & Whit

    I know the statement did not come from the production company. What I meant was that Pam may not have posted that comment posing as the production company. There are many people in that area who do not like her at all and could have posted it to make it seem like Pam. Maybe it wasn’t her because the BRT page sure didn’t mind the fake fb accounts or what was said to fans, so why should she care about what was filmed and clearly she doesn’t care about how Leslie feels.

  • Jessica H

    Hi everyone! Been a fan of the show from beginning and just wanted to get this out there. First, Pam is such a disgusting example of a human, it’s just sickening! How someone who claims to have been raised with class and manners can act like that is beyond low brow and tasteless. She is obviously a miserable bee-yatch that she has an incontrollable need to make everyone else around her just as miserable. I’m just glad that she is on tv so that everyone she associates with will see her for what she is! There’s just major issues there. An ability to marry money does not equate to maturity, intelligence, or class.
    Second, Leslie and her god-daughter Kalyn. At first I thought they’ve known each other since she was a baby. Shocked to learn it’s only been about 5 years. Anywho, to Kalyn: I know you’ve had a crappy relationship with your mom, been there! I am currently not speaking to my mother, but you really do need to be thankful fir your current situation and treat Leslie with respect. To Leslie: I admire you wanting to help out your friend’s daughter. Out of curiosity, what were your true motivations? At tines you seem to act as a rival to her, or an older sister. You need to truly define your relationship with her: mother-figure or mentor/friend. Neither is wrong, but it definitely needs defining, you can’t lavish motherly love then rip it away the first time she pisses you off. This is a very wounded girl, she wants to please, but also wants your love and affection. There is a definite bond there, foster and grow it. Buying it and demanding it won’t work, just as threatening won’t work. Open and honest communication, as well as, mutual tolerance will go for mikes. I would seriously consider therapy to help you both adjust. I wish you both the best, and you’re my faves! Ok, thanks for letting me vent here. Just my 2€ worth.

  • elisabetta

    Finally! Someone who will admit that WHitney is a little off kilter! I am sick to death of reading comments about how “real” she and her mother are. No, WHitney is DEFINITELY rude AND crude!

  • Rachel R

    Pamela’s behaviour is appaling and embarrassing to no one else but herself. She speaks about class, however everyone can see she has none – clothes, cars & homes don’t create class – it’s more subtle than that. She has no finesse or grace and speaks with the most evil of tongue – how she can sleep at night is beyond me. I can’t imagine the people of Dallas appreciate such poor displays and I am sure she won’t be so acclaimed in ‘Dallas Society’ as she puts it for very long.

    I can only put her behaviour down to insecurity about her own lack of attractiveness ( no amount of surgery can assist when you don’t have a good framework to start with – not to mention a bum like a pancake). It’s no co-incidence that she is nasty to anyone that is good looking and that may has more to offer than herself (which would mean she is nasty to the entire world!). I can’t see how her husband puts up with her – he will only last so long with her unless he is up to something on the side and she’s made a deal with him (she’s just the type of sell your Granmother type of character). I have no idea how her daughter appears to be so lovely – I hope she continues to ignore her mother.

  • Tkelly

    I’m a little confused here? I have never read such one-sided posting in my life? Do you all work for team bonn/whit?
    I love Pam because I like honest people. But look at the children here. That will tell you who the good people and parents are? I can’t imagine all you guys are praising and blubbering over someone who has clearly set such a poor example to their child!

  • Sami J Pepper

    How amusing because you were bullied by people and fans of Pam? How about being honest and telling people you ran around antaganizing anyone who is Team Pam. The majority of people on the facebook page for BRT are bashers of Pam so to say you were bullied is amusing. The only bullying is in your imagination. You are a big girl as is everyone else on the BRT facebook site. Don’t expect people to react to you when you are nasty up and front, and unless they agree with you, you run your mouth. Try getting off of facebook which is meant for children anyways, oh WAIT, you’re a child stuck in a BIG body, how about GETTING A LIFE! Wow, grown women crying WOLF, good lord. It’s an entertainment show, and this has become an issue for you, you must have too much time on your hands Poor THANG!

  • Barbara

    I’m a real fan of this show, but I’m of the opinion that having Pam in the mix is a mistake. I can’t believe the comment above which reads that they “love Pam because he or she like honest people. Really? Honest? This woman is the worst excuse for a human being I’ve ever seen. I don’t care how much money she and her husband have, money doesn’t give you the right to treat or say things to other people like she does. This woman truly believes she is better than others – a legend in her own mind! In tonight’s episode when I heard her commenting about “her country club” and whatever other comment she made about something being “hers,” I wanted to reach out and slap her. What right does she have to decide anything about other people? Who appointed her in charge? That community and that Country Club are for other members that pay their dues – not just the Duartes. I hate to break it to her, but it’s not “her” anything. What a poor social retard this woman is that she feels so threatened by some divorcee new to “her” community. Why should she care if Leslie really has 3 houses or what money Leslie has or where it comes from. I don’t hear Leslie bragging; I only hear Pam’s jealous tongue wagging. Truly, I would enjoy this show a lot more if she and “her” family were not part of it. To make a comment about Leslie’s dead husband who drowned to the effect of “did she hold his head under water” as I’ve read about Pam, indicates a truly disturbed individual. The world doesn’t need people like her. She’s a real stuck up socialite who needs to get a life and quit worrying about what the neighbors have or don’t have! The show would be better off without her.

  • Anonymous in Dallas

    Pam may be obnoxious at times but so are all the rest of these ladies. I am not “Team Pam” or “Team Bonnie” and would like to simply point out that the entire cast of ladies on BRT have issues that have come to light through the airing of the show. I see the women on BRT as follows:
    Pam- Typical Highland Park socialite. Old Money. Traditional. Sharp tongue and Texas sized ego.
    Bonnie-“Don’t judge a book by its cover”. Current Professor with a PhD in Biology. She is pro plastic surgery and very liberal when it comes to parenting.
    Leslie-Very narcissistic and manipulative. Wants to be Pam but is not as straight forward. Passes her “God daughter” off as her charity work or good deed for the day.
    Connie- Unfortunately she seems to be one of the more rational cast mates though I am not sure I would ever consider appearing on a reality show along with my 15 year old daughter!
    Melissa- She is so worried about her daughter have weight issues or concerns but she clearly has them herself and in my eyes is more of a worry than someone else giving her daughter that impression. She is trying to model and while she may be a size 4, she needs to get real. Again, I would NOT take my teenage daughter to a modeling shoot where it is a person’s job to scrutinize every single flaw about your appearance.
    Furthermore, the country club they shoot at is not all that prestigious. There are members of the cast who do carry weight in Dallas but not exactly the way the show portrays them to. Pam does know a lot of people but most people feel the same way about her as these viewers do. Also both Pam and Leslie have appeared on reality TV before. All these women are simply trying to fill a void in their life and are obviously not people anyone sane would aspire to become more like.
    IF you create a fan page on facebook or even write on forums regarding the show (myself included), there is bound to be something more productive and meaningful we can all do with our time.

  • Erika Grant

    What are people so worried about with the bullying? I mean, yes for some, those words can be hurtful. But honestly, who gives a hoot about what Pam tries to do, or her ridiculous “friends” who obviously are just as childish and immature as her? Its comical that they will act like a bratty 10 year old and verbally attack people. She is lucky that none of the other cast members have given her a stiff uppercut. I promise she wouldn’t talk to me that way twice if I was within arms reach of her. She is a nothing more than an obnoxious, immature, ego driven dipsquat. Although its sad that this world is burdened with people like her, it also is a lesson on how NOT to act and somewhat comical to watch because we all know her mouth just proves her ignorance and lack of self esteem. 🙂

  • Dont vote for Texans

    I grew up in metro DFW, and luckily escaped at 16 and never looked back. This is exactly how Texans with money behave. Nasty, vicious, hypocritical, undermining and just plain mean. Notice the nice, fan favorites aren’t really from Texas? Texans are very different from the rest of America. Texans are tough people. They are brought up that way. Cold, unforgiving, and heartless. Very snobby, entitled group. I was a First Baptist Church member and brought a mexican kid from school to church with me, and he was treated much like Pam was treating Leslie, with a barrage of questions and suspicion. Please remember this when you go to the polls to vote in 2012. White trash with money is still white trash

  • vanhall

    Everyone is entitled to their own opinion even when they suck… My opinion Pam is just jealous of her cast mates , because they are way more attractive , intelligent and emotionally stable than she is plus they have money as well its just like grade school when the bully of the class was always mean to people to hide their flaws and insecurities . Maybe if she would have true confidence in herself instead of being arrogant and bull headed and give people a chance she would actually have some true friends and not just scare people into doing what she wants. She is a very mean soul and has people do her dirty work for her because she is to much of a coward to do it herself . Dish it out but cannot take it is an appropriate term , to describe her . Buy she does seem under there down deep to be a nice person but she is an adult and only she can make that change I don’t see it ever happening but you never know

  • clairebear

    Yes it is true everyone has their own opinions, however, that whole article was dripping with bias remarks. If Leslie didn’t want her life under a microscope then she shouldn’t have done this whole gig. People have to understand that Southern Women are raised in close nit societies. Everyone knows them, and it is just routine to be suspicious of an outsider coming in and upsetting the natural order of things. It shows a lack of respect on the part of the new comer, it also indicates that the new comer probably wasn’t raised with proper manners. Ladies do not have to constantly talk about their houses, cars, or investments. If they are well to do, it will speak for itself without question. I can’t blame Pam for being suspicious. She seems to be one of the only respectable conservative women on TV today. She likes guns, doesn’t like the fact someone moved her yoga class, thinks tattoos with the word C*NT are offensive to look at, doesn’t hold her tongue when she feels something needs to be addressed. Hummmm…I don’t think she is evil. I think she’s from the South. You know the Real South… the one where girls are raised to be ladies, men open doors, and people aren’t scared to be alone with someone else in fear that there might be a confrontation.

  • vanhall

    I didn’t realize that their were two types of classy women ? And only real women from the south are the true meaning of class . I assume that any woman who was raised in a respectable manor and carried themselves with confidence not ego was a classy woman . Now I see the light , and my husband opens doors and speaks politely and intelligently as do I am,many others I know and we are from pa ? I was unaware that only deep southern women have class . I will make sure to mentally note that as well as inviting someone to your home for a dinner party with only the intention of trying to exploit to humiliate what is classy

  • vanhall

    Sorry is classy, not what …. And i love guns and hunting and I go to a country club with many friends and we would never treat someone in that way if we liked them or not its called respect . And growing up in a town where everyone knew everyone and their business , but even if someone is lying to make themselves fit in or look better we were raised to look the other shoulder because you didn’t know what the under lining of it was. Just because your from money gives you no right to feel that someone else or anyone else is beneath you. Or treat them in that manor. So if that if your definition of classy and Pam is your prime example of southern class and your represent of a southern woman then I don’t think I will be visiting any time soon. I as well as any woman anywhere in the world are beautiful beings . And no one deserves to be treated the way Pam treats people . And yes Leslie did sign up for the show I’m sure with the intentions of of getting her name out their and catching some fame but i doubtt she would have expected to be bullied the way she has been . If someone can get that up set about a yoga class like that , come on and all Leslie did is put in a request for the class , not I’ll prove it

  • vanhall

    Sorry my phone is small I keep hitting the wrong button. Discard the I’ll. So Pam should be mad at the people cleared the old class and put the yoga in its place. And she talks and acts like it is her town and her country club ? I thought a country club was intended to be with friends and have fun not hide in fear of running into Pam or constantly worried you will say something she doesn’t like and think she is going to try and ruin your life . Honestly what has Leslie done that was bad enough to attend Pam that she would go this far out of her way to make Leslie life miserable . Put a request to try a yoga class at a country club ? Wow what a bitch . Pam is not president , or ruler of the world she is just a person just like everyone else so why should she be aloud to treat people the way she does ? Because she has money ? If she would put one fourth the effort she puts in trying to exploit people and be hurtful onyo a charity or local programs she would solve world hunger ! I’m not a mean person , I always try and see both sides and and respect peoples views but some of the things Pam gas done in the course of one show is inexcusable

  • Rena

    Although Dallas is a large city, the show is centered around a County Club, which makes it no different than a very small town. Things are always the same, whether it be a Country Club or small town, there are your popular rich “mean” girls and your everyday average “Real” girls. They will always fight and bicker, there will always be a leader (PAM) of the group and a rebel (Bonnie & Whitney). Nothing ever changes, not when my mother went to school in the 50’s, I in the late 70’s and early 80’s and now my kid. When it comes to sports, homecoming queen, class president. It is the same at the country club, it is a never ending cycle with the people who think they are privledged because they where taught that by their parents. Until the parents teach their children otherwise, it will continue. Come on parents…do what is right…this is, poor, Baylor, SMU, TCU, UT or Dallas Community College, an education is an education no matter how you get it. Whether you pay for it or play football to get it, it doesnt matter. It is what you do with that education after you graduate that matters. NOT how you spend your time at the country club every day or what color you wear on the tennis court or golf court!

  • DebH

    Amen sister Rena!

  • clairebear

    ok, I think possibly I was misunderstood. I was not saying that Southerners are better than anyone else. And I don’t remember the word “classy” in any section of my post. I was simply stating that in the world of Pam and others (the South) this is more likely their culture. Leslie moved there, and wanted to be a part of that. And all she has done is disrespect it. All I am pointing out is the saying “When in Rome”. She does things that bring her grief, like dating AJ. Please tell me she didn’t know she was going to get some type of back lashing for dating someone who works at the club where she is a member. And going to dinner with her cousin’s ex-husband….it’s like she does things to cause people to think poorly of her on purpose. So she can’t cast anymore alone with Pam because she is afraid of confrontation. However I have seen on these posts alone several people call Pam “evil” and a “b*tch”, but I haven’t heard of Pam having a breakdown because of it. She could possibly be nicer, I am not saying that Pam is going to be considered for the Sainthood. But it’s hard to be nice to someone who constantly promotes a lifestyle in which she knows others will look down on her for. Leslie reminds me of cry baby who keeps the conflicts going but when someone else turns the tables she can’t handle it.

  • Shocked to sock her

    Fight back…blacklist her books to publish….that is Pam’s books.

  • vanhall

    Southern class …. Ever heard of it ? Your talking about being southern and opening doors etc… Those are examples of southern class …. What does Pam care who Leslie dates ? And as for the ex husband its an ex for a reason , so what does she care anyway . She even said herself that they are cousins through marriage and she has not see her since they were kids . It just seems to me that Leslie came around and started getting attention and all the sudden everyone hates her .. and still no response about pans comments of it being her country club ? And your forgetting that the show is taped over time and these things don’t happen back to back … And if course they are going to play up everything they do , including Pam but besides Leslie trying to find a man what has she done? Pam doesn’t make the rules so why should everyone have to play by them or be punished ? The owner told AJ it was wrong and they stopped …. So what’s the big deal ? Leslie , anytime confronted with someone being rude or trying to be-little her is polite about it and excuses herself . I believe that’s how a southern woman should act not press on to a fight . An evil has no soul or remorse so she wouldn’t have a break down , clearly she has no feelings what so ever if she can continuously try and mentally break down others . And I dont feel bonnie is a rebel maybe her daughter who by the way is old enough to make het own decisions and bonnie cannot control every aspect of her life , but she is just not a old up tight snob , and cares about her own life not pry into others . Change happens its a part of life maybe Pam should jump on the wagon instead of trying to burn it down

  • Anya

    Pam may be pushy, but she is so much better than trashy Leslie…And since Bonnie has a PhD one would think she could figure out how to hold a golf club before she enters a tournament. I hate women who personify the “dumb blonde” routine when neither blonde or dumb

  • Anya

    And Leslie “house” in Washington was a condo that went for less than %500K nowhere near ONE million. She is a fraud

  • Tanya

    I have seen two episodes of this show and Pam scares me to death. She’s one hell of a wicked bitch!

  • Nomi Love Adams Schawe

    I do love this show it’s like watching my friends on television! I just think Pam is jealous and lost in one of her books I might add they are poor copy’s or poorly written copy’s of others hard work . And as far as the color of a car not one of my eight automobiles are a factory color get it together Pam and pay some attention to your over weight daughter , o and Whitney love ya.


  • Sarah Texan

    Pam is a low-life evil b*tch! If she had any real confidence in herself she wouldn’t constantly try to bring other people down. She’s just a bully who tries to make herself look good by trying to make others look bad. She is clearly jealous of the “new girl” in town because the new girl is beautiful and independently wealthy- everything she wishes she was! She scowls at Leslie “at least I have a husband” knowing full well Leslie’s husband died in a drowing accident while with his children- only an evil souless wretch would say such a thing, she is definitly Satan’s off-spring. God will have no mercy for her! Go back to hell where you came from pam and leave those who have love n light in their souls alone.

  • Hot in Texas

    I am a Pam Fan. Bonnie, Whit and Leslie are so fake I don’t see how they can qualify for reality. Seriously, look at Hannah, then look at DimWhit, look at Leslie and look her son Tyler, who is even dimmer than his girlfriend. Leslie is a snake, she is snaking in on Connie’s ex-husband and she tried worming her way in on the kid that works at the club. She didn’t give his need for that job a second thought, then he nearly lost it because of her. Leslie doesn’t come off as sincere or honest at all. If and BIG IF, she has money it is because somebody died and left it to her and IF her ex died then most likely the money belongs to her kids and not her. I bet Tyler is funding mom’s current stay in Texas, so she can try to drum up an oil tycoon of her own, or try to steal somebody else’s (Like she had to steal a daughter in order to be on the show). Bonnie, you just need to wise up about your friend, and you need to stand up to your hoochie daughter. She is as whiney as a 2 year old. She is is just as dumb as you. I have to wonder why your husband hardly ever shows his face on TV, I am thinking it might be because he is embarrassed to be married to such stupidity. Good luck Pam, Melissa and Connie, and all your beautiful daughters.

  • Hot in Texas

    Seriously, do not paint Leslie as the grieving widow, in the scene before the one you speak about, Leslie is rubbing her ass on Connie’s ex’s lap, He was her ex and she wasn’t with him when he died, because THEY WERE NOT TOGETHER ANYMORE, hence EX! Plus Leslie’s skin, it is so nasty and rough, very weathered, unlike the skin of any aristocrat I know, even southern aristocrats know better than to treat their skin like she treated hers. She reeks of poor white trash in dress up clothes.

  • BRT sort of Fan

    Pam needs to rinse her mouth out with sewer water-it would make her pie hole cleaner. Pam’s “pancake ass” needs psychiatric help. I bet you anything her husband is cheating on her. She’s about as classy as a two story trailer house. B*tch…

  • From The South

    You’ve got to wonder what horrible things have happened to Pam in her past to make her so obsessive and jealous. Well balanced people do not behave the way she does. Reality TV or not! Many times people who are bullied at some point in their lives end up being tyrants and bullies themselves….so..hmm. As for her daughter, you can already see some of the same characteristics of her parents. That’s always sad to see. People who are secure in themselves and their lives, wouldn’t spew the venom that comes out of that woman’s mouth. I wish her well, and hope that maybe someday she will get the help she needs so that she does not have to live with such inner turmoil and conflict and find her inner peace.

  • vanhall

    Hot in Texas more like hot mess in Texas your such a dumb ass as for Connie and friends you wish luck for , maybe if they took their heads out of pams ass for a few minutes they would realize what a bitch Pam really is , if anyone had the potential of death = ‘s payout It’s Pam . And yeah bonnie’s husband is not on camera a lot but wait where is pans husband ? Nice argument your really throwing down some solid facts their to support your obsession with Pam . Maybe you will too get a chance to shove your head up her ass . And no true hatred person would ever question another human beings sincerity after a loss of a loved one . Which means your just as much of a cold hearted bitch as Pam is . Just because Leslie and bonnie are not playing the typical cookie cutter role they should be alienated and protrade as trash ? I’m sure its hard for you to see the truth in front of your eyes , only mentality stable people ate able

  • vanhall

    * are

  • vanhall

    One day Connie and friends will see what a two faced self absorbed bitch Pam really is and wish they could have a friendship as pure as Leslie and bonnie have , and I’m sure if they requested to try and start things fresh with Leslie and bonnie they are decent enough of people to over look the wrong doings from the past . Buy Pam is such a great friend we may never know , I mean look at all the help she gave for the fashion show that was put on , and the special outfit she made specially for Pam to make her the star of the show, oh wait sorry i got mixed up Pam didn’t even show up for the show , but atleast she gave a good few hours before the show to let her know she couldn’t make it right , its the thought that counts. Leslie was the one who helped and the one she came crawling back to for help after her giddy fit, and Leslie being the kind soul she is over looked and was their for her . Can you even find one thing that Pam has done to benifit anyone but herself ? And don’t even try using the job for whitney she only did that with the intentions of humiliating bonnie and Whitney.

  • MHarris

    Pam is a classy dame for sure! you cant BUY class, Honey, you either have it or you don’t. You don’t. Your hubby should spend some of his money on someone to come in and give you a crash course of DO’S n DON’TS. you are RUDE, Honey, not classy. Its not the other women on the show who you are upset with. You hate You. Its because you look like a FRUMPY Martha Stewart that you wake up with such self hatred everyday. Why don’t you drink up, so you can take a long look in the mirror @ yourself. I could care less if Leslie has one or one hundred homes, YOU MAKE US LIKE HER. VIVA LA LESLIE!!!!!!!!!

  • outcast

    Apparently being gentle with people’s hearts, being well meaning, well mannered, well raised, and in a happy close-nit family means nothing; I’m not old money as my parents made their own fortune not inherited. I’m not and have never set foot in the South. I don’t have a degree yet, I’m working on one- and it’s not medicine. I have never been to a country club. I’m not thin and Blonde- infact I’m not of a race that can ever be naturally Blonde. My skin has seen many days working in the sun (building houses for charity) and probably won’t qualify as good skin like one commentor mentioned. By Pam’s standards and her supporters, I’m trash/ not classy/ less of a human being. If these are the standards that one strives for to be accepted then I happily take my stand amongst “trashy” people. Someday I’ll be a human rights lawyer fighting for a better world for all, while pam will probably be at the country club salon touching up her roots. You tell me what’s more virtuous.

  • lou lou

    It’s so obvious to me that Pam is jealous of Leslie. She is like the Queen Bee in the movie Mean Girls… so high school. If she weren’t jealous why would she work so hard to get people on her side to discredit Leslie? What did Leslie do to Pam to make Pam hate her so much? So what if Leslie is a “cougar”? Don’t hate the player, hate the game, Pam. Hahahaha! Leslie has something that Pam doesn’t have and that’s real class. She doesn’t go out of her way to hurt other people like you do and that makes her someone I would gladly have as a friend.

  • sh

    The whole time I’m watching this show – I’m thanking God I’m not in that situation. I can’t believe half of the crazy stuff that goes on. Whitney’s tatoos and Pam’s crass remarks – Oh boy! Bonnie is to worried about hurting Whitney’s feelings. Melissa has more issues than one can “shake a stick at”. Eat, date, work, and be happy. It’s okay. First thing: “Please get your head out of Pam’s ass”. It makes you look stupid and weak. Melissa acts likes Pam’s “Yes” girl. Stop it – Melissa is good enough all by herself! She needs to show Maddie that it is okay to eat – but she does need to exercise. Pam looked so foolish at that party! Which one? All of them! She is rude, crude, and obnoxious. She acts like stuckup junior high girl! She should stop embarassing herself! Going up to someone’s son and questioning them about their parent’s finances? WTF?! Low class move – and you were outed and called on it!!!! Then you had to choke on it again when Leslie said her announcement! Hahahahaha. Talk about the last word! Leslie said it with class and grace. Pam looked foolish and like a lowlife! Melissa didn’t know what to do – should I stay or go? She even knew Pam looked like a low class jealous trash. Strting to see the writing on the wall Melissa?! Leslie should get rid of the realtor that likes to spread her business around. Who she dates or likes – is her business, albeit she should of seen AJ off the job. I just couldn’t believe that Pam acted like that! It almost seems as if she’s worried about her husband?

  • sh

    Handling issues/situations with class:
    1. Leslie stepping up and helping Connie even after her “hissy fit”.
    2. Leslie helping Maddie in pageant – even though she quit. Did she still collect her fee?
    3. Leslie being ambushed at Pam’s party – and still answering and excusing herself w/o being rude.
    4. Leslie discussing Pam’s rudeness (again) with her and explaining what is “off limits” (her son)

    Too many rude comments, crass remarks, and plain “white trash” actions to even type. She is not even worth my typing them! Grow up Pam!

  • sarah

    Pam lives in Plano, not Highland Park. She is not a fair representation of my hometown. She wants to be old money with class but she is an embarrassment to all women, not just Southern women. She cusses and shouts at social gatherings like a homeless lunatic. She seems unhinged. Regardless of Leslie’s background, Pam is not a detective and would do herself a favor by looking at herself and learning from her trashy outbursts. Having money doesn’t make you classy. Kindness, social graces and a heart for charity does. Melissa is selling herself short letting the producers make her Pam’s hype girl. She looked pained and embarrassed with her role in the finale and rightly so. She came across as catty and snobby and she rents an apartment. Is there something wrong with leasing a lovely home? I was mortified when Pam asked Tyler his street name. Please tell me they pay her well to act like a low class, insecure, busybody with a life so empty she has to fill it with others. The finale was uncomfortable to watch. It was an adult mean girls.

  • Mitzi

    Brava, Sarah! I couldn’t have said it better myself. I may not be from the South, but you don’t have to be a Southerner to recognize a person who exemplifies true decorum and dignity. It’s likewise not too difficult to know when someone doesn’t possess these qualities. It’s easy to see that Pam is a bitter, angry woman, who is mean-spirited and foul mouthed. I wouldn’t doubt that she’s made one or more of the pro-Pam/anti-Leslie comments in this thread. (“Hot In Texas, perhaps?)

    I’ve watched the first season, but I can assure you that I will not be watching any future episodes. Most of the women on the show are tolerable, if not pleasant, but I can’t continue to witness Pam’s rude, low rent behavior without wanting to throw a brick at my TV every time she appears in a segment. Oh, I can afford to replace the TV, but I don’t think I can afford to subject my soul to the kind of ignorant hatred that Pam Duertes personifies. I truly pity anyone who must… especially her daughters.

  • Tammy

    I am from the south. Texas is south west compared to the southern states which are east of the Mississippi river and below the Mason-Dixon line. I watched BRT for the first time today as a marathon. I am at home sick. I usually do not watch reality type shows. However, today I did. I am 50 years old and my Mother would still spank me today if I acted like Pam. My mother would have made me go get my own hickory stick off the tree to be spanked. That is what southern moms did back in my day. I know that this is a show and all this drama is what sells. Pam needs to go get her hickory switch and take her lickings like a true woman. In today’s world you can find out anything you want by searching on the internet. So if she is so obsessed with Leslie she could go to (no I do not work for them). She could have found out whatever she wants to know. What she is , is a bully. I have alway been taught that if you do not have something nice to say the keep your mouth shut. I have lived by that rule and taught that to my children. Needless to say, I will not watch this program again. It really sends a bad message. I will stick to the Science and History channels.

  • Samantha

    Being classy is more than just having a lot of money but knowing how to speak with people and how to “behave in society”. Pam couldn’t be more classless. Her insecurities are apparent to everyone – from the extensive plastic surgery and constant criticism of others who are better looking, nicer and much better than she to the undermining of people in public (like at the dinner party). She really needs to brush up on her etiquette.

    She (Pam) seriously needs to get to a psychiatrist along with her fat, ugly daughter! Get her off the show. She’s a nasty, old and insecure loser with a capital L! She’s also a whiner which is so annoying and obnoxious!

  • reality diva

    If you haven’t already, you need to watch Dallas Divas and Daughter’s. Pam is really this way. If she’s not, she’s a darn good actress. She is the mirror image of all that she was in that show as well. I have seen them all, and self entitled, and mean girl definately describe her. She has another daughter. Ever wonder why she won’t be filmed?
    Just Sayin’…..

  • donna

    I think Pam is a mean insentsitive woman who needsto grab her soul back from her father satan

  • FEI_Rdr

    Hurrah, Tammy! I was about to note the same thing: to a Southerner, Texas is “out west”. I watched the show for the first time tonight, and was so horrified by the-creature-that-calls-itself-Pam, that I wanted to know if other viewers felt the same way, which many clearly do. Regarding class, well, let’s just say I didn’t expect to see much on “Big Rich”, if only because it naturally violates many of the (spoken and unspoken) rules that people from old families are raised with. Namely: Don’t discuss money or possessions with anyone who isn’t either your immediate family, or your financial advisor; if most of your “things”are new, so is your wealth; be educated, informed, and discreet; finally, only appear in the media three times in your life (birth, marriage, and death) — anything else is ostentatious. That said, the show IS styled as entertainment, but it certainly doesn’t begin to approach the reality of life in the Southern gentry. As many of y’all have already said, the women on “Big Rich” don’t have class. Well, let me amend that: they certainly DO have class, and plenty of… but it’s certainly neither upper nor genteel.

  • Mrs. H.

    Okay, you all do realize that this is a TELEVISION show. 85% of what you are viewing is not real. Not one of those women actually belongs to the country club that they show, in fact, that club isn’t even in Dallas. I do believe that they ad lib their lines, but they need to go heavy drama to make it interesting. As for the interviews that cast members give, they work the whole “It’s real” angle because they HAVE to. It is like Santa, the fun of watching is believing that it’s real and that there are wacky people out there. My guess is that in person they are probably all fairly normal, nice women who are just looking for a way to further their careers in acting.

  • steve

    It’s funny entertainment,Leslie is one hot lady.There is no reality TV,there would be too much wasted time waiting for people to say something interesting…

  • Joseph

    Pamela is the most disgusting, disgrace of a human being. She is a sociopath and has absolutely no feelings. She is a joke in Dallas and a complete waste of television time. If Style was smart at all, they would fire her immediately.

  • Leslie is a fake poser. She is hinging the rest of her life on living off the money her son will inherit from his dad, which is nowhere near what she claims. Her ex left her because she is a lying nutjob. Her face looks like an old orange leather sack with eyes! She picks on that girl she manipulates I mean raises, maybe she should use what she calls fat and take care of her sunk in wrinkle old lady face!!!

  • Pam is just calling it like she sees it. I wouldnt want to be around some wierdo trying so hard to make me believe shes something shes not! And I hope people check into the fact that her ex had a live in girlfriend, (not her) when he did die!


    None of this pathetic sluts would be welcomed anywhere near Dallas society. This disgusting “Country Club” is in Fort Worth and I would wager none of these women (and I do not use the word “ladies” on purpose) would not be able to even find the sponsors necessary to make it to the interview of a legitimate country club. Pamela Duarte especially.

  • cati

    First of all, Kaylyn IS an adult, she is not a child, she’s 18 that’s an adult, and if she’s going to run her mouth to another adult, then she deserves what she gets. And, what is she doing hanging around with 15 year olds?

  • coffeeaddict

    Interesting that someone from Plano, TX, knows that THAT is where Pam is from.
    Interesting, also, that the “fake” message (below) has an IP that traces to Plano.

    “Statement in response interview with Leslie where false accusations were made:
    None of the cast is supposed to do interviews that have not been sanctioned by Style so publicity will be getting into this. The network has not had any special issues with the show content and Spike and I are not aware of anyone feeling threatened while filming. We are grateful for everything Pam and Ignacio made possible as well as the sacrifices of the rest of the cast.
    Allison Grodner
    Executive Producer/Creator @ 10:27 am on August 16, 2011”

    “It’s entirely possible that the above comment was left by Allison Grodner of Fly On The Wall Productions in LA, however, I’m working to verify the authenticity. I have been contacted by two individuals claiming that Grodner is not the author of the comment. I’ve left word with her colleague, Jeff Anderson. The IP address of the comment looks to be in Plano, Tx.
    Merritt Patterson @ 12:14 pm on August 16, 2011”

  • mike

    Oh my god ive never seen this show til now.tyler looks like lurch from the adams family.there daughters are fugly.these fucking people are just discusting and need to be pulled down a few notches

  • GiGi

    This show amazes me. I can’t believe there are really people like this out in the world. The only grown up who seems halfway normal is connie. These people really can’t be like this. Were these people friends before the show? Or id the show purposely seek out “characters”. I wonder… I find it hard to believe that people like Pam truly exist. She has to be acting. Nobody is that mean. And same for Leslie. Nobody can lie that much in real life. It does make for interesting tv though!

  • GiGi

    Oh, and I agree with Mike. That Tyler does look like lurch. And why doesn’t he move his lips when he talks? Maybe some of his mom’s botox rubbed of on him. oops! That was mean of me.

  • angrymeatball

    Oh my God. Are you people kidding me? How stupid are you? You really believe this show is for real? Okay, and I’m a canonized saint. LMAO! No wonder this country is going down the crapper with idiots like you watching and BELIEVING shows like this piece of garbage. These ‘actors’ are laughing all the way to the bank and you people are funding their buffoonery.

  • baggs


  • brandi

    I love everyone so far but Pam!! Leslie is just doing what any normal person would do… lying to future it! Oh my God I can’t imagine someone so horrible for doing that!! Please! Pam has no e cuss for her actions!! They call Leslie drifter … I’m pretty sure the episode I just watched Pam kissed ass into a new group of people! And just because Leslie wasn’t with her husband at the time if his death dies not I repeat does not take away she had from the father if her child!! And all you people hating because we enjoy this show and enjoy talking about it does not give you the right to step in and just talk shit! I am pretty sure you are somewhat interested as well.. I meanyou took the time to read our comments and even write back! You don’t like it.. don’t read it! Its not that hard! I like Leslie I like Bonnie! Whitney is a brat but she’s not evil..she’s a kid! Yea she’s twenty three but every twenty three year old I know has still a lil growing up to do! And you keep comparing Pam’s daughter to the other daughters .. yea she acts more respectful but that’s just because her. Mom taught her how to act!! Not to be classy!!

  • brandi

    sorry I meant to say Leslie is lying to fit in!! I accidentally typed future for some reason! And I wanted to make sure I corrected my self cause I am sticking up for Leslie!! She is un a new town full of rich judgemental people! So who’s. To blame her for wanting to fit in! And who is to say she even is lying!! I am getting a lil worried about her using Kayla but who put that in our heads?? Pam! Oh she wants her in school and to be miss America.. boo hoo. It could be worst! And I’m sure if Kayla actually talked to her about it she’d understand ” not just say I’m not doing it! Any parent would get mad! And she wants to better her business! Don’t we all!! And I love watching Bonnie and whit there great! Whit is a brat but she’s not evil! Pam is evil!! I love brt! My new show 🙂 real or not!! Lol stupid haters! Would you tell a kid who loves Santa that he’s fake? Your just ad evil as Pam!! Mind your business and don’t read our posts!! Easy 🙂 I love all you for sticking up for one another! Btr minus Pam has good fans!!

  • brandi

    Sorry again.. I wasn’t looking at my phone when typing nit I mentioned to say that just because Leslie wasn’t with her husband St the time if his death does not take away from THE LOVE she had for him.. once again the father of her child! Obviously she loved him.. no more no less!! Your pretty much saying just cause they weren’t together she can’t be that upset? What kind of human being are you??! Gag me!

  • Lovinmy40s

    Vanhall, I realize you are trying to show how edumacted you are. However, you posses the same problem that leslie does on this show. You cannot put class on like a pair of shoes or the proper coat.

    Just as Leslie talks vulgarly about money and is very white trash in her manners and behaviors, you vanhall show you lower class upbringing through your poor grammar and uneducated sentence structure.

    As a Penn Stater myself, I recognize people like you who reached some amount of local distinction yet fail to have the social under pinings of true class. The truth is you will re-read your posts and think you came off brilliantly!!! Just as Leslie and Whitney think they come off with class. When everyone else looking on still sees the truth: white trash.

  • brandi

    Oh God! Big rich Texas fans are brutal.. the way you guys hate on each other over a show is sad! To all you people that are talking shit to each other.. that shows how lil class you all have! Its kind of sad.. I got on here for fun! Having an opinion and talking about is what I thought this was but most of you are personally. Attacking one another! Sad!

  • Isobel

    people can say whatever they want, but pam is RIGHT about Leslie.

    Nothing with this woman adds up. She is prime example of narcissistic personality disorder.

    she isnt even straight with answering the questions of this interviewer.

    not to say that pam was right for calling Leslie out in the way that she did, but all said and done- the woman was right.

    Leslie conducts herself with no self-respect or social graces, and it willing to manipulate any situation for pity.

    IE Bonnie getting mad at her, IE telling Bonnie that Kaylan has “been impossible and angry” but conveniently leaves out that she, leslie, was pressuring kaylan to get liposuction.

    Or omitting she had dinner with connie’s ex.

    That woman is a snake.

  • Karli

    wow. leslie is a sociopathic whore. they have set up poor whitney. her son is just as bad.

    they just force themselves into people’s lives after screwing them over, sad and harsh.

    Even with producers cutting scenes, the raw material is there that shows leslie as a phoney and a fake.

    insecure and ugly.

  • Lisa

    Leslie was on millionaire matchmaker. So funny, she claims all this money. But has nothing to back it up.

  • Joh

    Im sorry. No , Im not sorry… This show is crap. Why do we need to witness yet more erosion to humanity? . I These bitches are trash and belong on Jerry Springer.

    If you are actually entertained by this stuff perhaps you also rooted for the roman lions in a past life. Being entertained by the appauling is no different then or now.

  • Lurkster

    Of all reality show personalities there are, there are none more obtrusive, arrogant and nasty than Pam Duarte. And what’s even more sad is that she’s turning her otherwise kind hearted daughter into a bigger shrew than she is. How sad that she finds it necessary to attempt to demoralize others, just so she can feel good about herself.

  • Michelle Rojas


  • Divanora

    This is what you get when you put bored rich house wives on a reality show. #TrainWreck

  • Anonymous919

    I loved how Pam was all “OMG I can’t buy previously used clothes! That’s disgusting!” or whatever her comment was. Clearly, she’s never been poor. Previously worn clothes–as long as they’re in decent shape–gimme!

    I don’t even know why I watch this show, to be honest. These ladies..not a single one of them..would last more than a day or two if they had to live my life. They would all run screaming and cry to their shrinks about the psychological horror of *gasp* BEING POOR! Poor as in, my car is close to 11 years old and we can’t afford to replace it. Poor as in having a tiny little house–which I happen to love. Poor as in not eating out every night, let alone eating at any place more expensive than your average Chili’s or Applebees. Poor as in shopping for new clothes once every few YEARS instead of days, weeks or months. “Use it up, wear it out, make it do or do without” is our motto. Those women use things one time and throw them away, I’m sure.

    I’d love for one of them (perhaps Pam, since she seems to be the worst) to swap lives for me for a week or two. They’d be shocked by the level of poverty, I’m sure but maybe it would open their eyes and they’d stop and think about their purchases before they just whipped out the ol’ credit card.

  • sly1

    I’ve watched a total of four episodes, reruns to be exact and I have found myself wondering why I’ve even watched it? Pam, for starters I would have done put her in her place, there wouldn’t of been another opportunity for her to embarass me. Leslie is weak, Connie needs to stop straddling the fence trying to be everyones friend. Melissa needs to be her own person and stop neing Pams lil henchwoman…and Whitney is a trashy whore. Bonnie, needs some self-esteem, and stop cutting on what God gave her. And its not about the money, thats not what defines class! Class is having the ability to control your tongue, its having decorum, its a charitable attitude and knowing how to be a true friend. These ladies do not know how to be any of these things. Mansions or not, they are low-class white trash .

  • Pam is NOT a socialite. Pam is NOT old money. People who come from money do not flaunt what they have, they don’t brag about what they have and they don’t put others down for what they don’t have! Truly wealthy people are usually nice, respectful people (for the most part).
    People with new money make people with real money , look bad!

  • SJ

    Dear Leslie,

    I just wanted to stop by and tell you, I think you handled the kids and their “business” in your home wonderfully. I am glad to see you put your foot down, as they are grown and should no better.

    I saw Melissa throw that drink on you last night and lost any respect I had for her at all, as a mother. I am not saying I agree with how you handled the situation regarding her pregnancy however, I do not agree with her messing in your life either, which started all of this. (Which she refuses to take any blame for)

    I do enjoy your honesty with your kids and how you handle them. Firm but they know you love them. That is great!!!

  • Jennifer

    I am Texan born and raised and love my state. Dallas, on the other hand, is a different story. In general people from Dallas are loud, boisterous, showy and snobby. I have run into groups of people from Dallas at airports and they are loud and inconsiderate in the terminal and on planes and I am embarrassed for them. I am from the outskirts of Houston in Harris County which has more millionaires than any other county in the US, but people are nice friendly and don’t brag about their money. They are all very down to earth. I personally don’t like the idea of the state of Texas being represented by people from Dallas. Sorry Dallas, but there are just too many of you ‘Pam’s’ living there and representing you. As for Big Rich Texas, it is truly my guilty pleasure.

  • Jennifer

    Wow, Michelle Rojas you sound a lot like Pam!

  • Melissa

    Pam has great skin and really looks more natural than any other cast member for her age. And Pam is also a really good mom with helping her daughter develop business skills and get an education. Pam is real. You know what she thinks and where you stand with her. I like her. Wish I had someone like her to mentor me. Leslie just seems like she is a fake who is just good at playing the victim role.

  • jan

    Well, next Pam is to show the fastionists her “proof ” so then see for them selves what a “con” artist. LESLIE. The sneakest thing I’ve seen Lesliedo was when she % Bonnie were in a golf cart,, spying on the golf pro who didn’t seen to mind this good clear fun . Also Melissa forgets to mention when she brings upLelie modelling eeferalls that she was too fat and broke the dress!yaeh that pam is crazy birch. She is sure concerned about what Leslie dies with her privte lady parts, isn’t see. Maybe Pam is a lesiban & should come out of her shoe closet.


  • Lucy

    Just to set the record straight…Leslie’s net worth is approx. $15 million. All of her real estate holdings are public record. Yes, she does have multi million dollar homes. AND she WAS on Millionaire Matchmaker…AS A MILLIONAIRESS PATTI WANTED INTRODUCED TO A MILLIONAIRE! It is really easy to research any of the facts.
    I really can’t wait to see Pam’s proof. It was simple to find the proof she DOES have money AND real estate. Pam needs to have that plate of crow served cold!

  • H.D.

    The reason Pam is such a bitch & threatens people so easily is because she’s a convicted felon. She committed forgery & IS A FELON. She has the audacity to call Leslie a fraud. Hey Pam, throw stones from your glass house lately?

  • angelina

    Pam is the ugliest and looks positively OLD, ancient, plasticized, the rest of them look good.

  • pamhater

    pam is such an ugly, fat and manipulative bitch! people here in asia, hate her!!! no one in this continent would even admire her. do us a favor pam – shut up and quit the show! you’re ruining it with your bad attitude.

  • Mike

    Woah. Some of you posters are truly scary! Get a life.

  • Bec from Aus

    Although I am from Australia and am not familiar with Texas or the residents of.
    My belief is that any person male, female or otherwise with any financial wealth, or social status, who beholds any form of grace and dignity at all would NEVER appear on a reality television show for a wage, let alone act as disgracefully as anyone of the ‘cast’ members on BRT. Prime Eg..Pams foul mouth. Is Pam for real? Or has she sold her soul to act so disgracefully for Big money? No real Women, let alone a wealthy one would pick holes and question another women’s assets or financial position.
    It can be taken for nothing more than mindless, time killing entertainment, something to laugh at whilst it rains outside and your stuck on the couch with nothing better to do.

  • Kit

    I’ve never seen such a badly behaved bunch of women. They are low class, juggler grabbers, pushy people. It’s all me Me ME!!!! They seem to have to grovel to get into this country club, showing their true crawly, prepared to stoop to anything sides. Then they spend a small fortune when they are granted access, and proceed to carry on like dirt when they are in this privileged club. Pam in particular makes me sick with her vile personal comments and constant attempts to undermine any change brought about which she hasn’t thought of.

    The behaviour between Pam and Bonnie falling out at a rather gradiose ‘do’ was worse than you’d see at a drunken man’s rough pub. There is a lot of babyishness on there too, grown women with too much time on their hands being petty. I agree that they could be doing more to help people less fortunate rather than entering into these silly, squabbley bitching sessions.

    I wouldn’t turn my back on any one of them with a knife in their hand.

    Plenty of money and NO Class.

    PS I don’t believe Pam was in Spain at all, she was getting plastic surgery touchups.

  • retta

    Pam is such a sterotypical one dimension character !! She is so ugly on the inside, its awful to watch! THis one has spent many a night studying Alexis Carrington and JR Ewing ! There was obviously no way to tone down her BRT character so what ya see is what you get ! Connie seems like shes on the verge of a nervous breakdown, trying to play both sides, be Pams sidekick..its pathetic ! Melissa got issues ! Hope she sees this and gets professional help! Pams daughter has all the makings of becoming a real witch, like her mom, her husband will put up with it forever, and even if people did act like this in real life, how does she justify this when she is out as her professional persona? So petty, catty, classless, gauche, trashy, superior…. she is a horrible model of humanity and people do exist like this..and when people say they admire her and her honesty..its a painful example of how low we have sunk as a society..thought it would be a moderately catty show , mindlessness to decompress to, cast is moderately attractive and appealing..but the utter sewage that comes out of pam !! shes got such evil inside that she enjoys !! scalding,,just watching … karma is a great leveler………………….

  • Tanya

    This entire show is a joke. Saw it once, will never watch again. These women are idiots. The only reason people deal with them is because they (supposedly) have money and some idiots live to suck up and hope for a hand out. Truly wealthy people do not have to flaunt their money, they don’t spend the day socializing and publicly fighting over who has more. Disgraceful human beings.

  • darcy

    ok so screw Pam – no one care! wtf is up with kaylan, i do not think it is normal for an 18 year old girl who obviously is getting no guidance from leslie to act like such a slut. Whitney is not attacking her for no reason, 1. she slept with whitneys ex man (who she morally shouldnt have been sleeping with anyway cos he;s her god bro) 2. she went to get her v pierced – or asked booger about it and 3. she just generally acts like a pratt! Does Whitney overreact – yes a little but does Kaylan need to stop hoein herself out for the cameras – yes! Leslie needs to spend more time with her and put her in her place and maybe she will start acting like a respectable young lady

  • Gulay Ahmet

    Leslie is a nice person unlike frankenpam, poe her side kick. Watching poe trying to make Leslie mad was laughable . Poe is weird & nasty after being helped by Leslie she walks out of the agency cause the people are not her type. Snob nasty bitch how dare you say that about others so cold. Then crying cause she’s a plus size are you for real. You can still diet using your brain poe. All she said was how sick she got as she didn’t use her head. Didn’t eat & probably yoyo dieted hence being sick. And you tell your daughter all the negative instead of the healthy way & common sense. Pam & poe will never be ladies & it showed on the show constantly. Leslie has class.