Photos and Video: As Expected, Drinking, Dancing Competition Descends to Chaos

Things started sluggishly at The Drinking and Dancing Competition at Sons of Hermann Hall last Friday night, but people kept coming and with all the drinking it really descended into chaos. I talked to a friend there, and she reminded me of the book and film They Shoot Horses Don’t They? It’s about a dance marathon/competition during the Great Depression that ends with an assisted suicide. The Dallas Dancing and Drinking Competition probably ended in some assisted vomiting. Anyway it was a great way to spend a hot and sweaty night in Dallas.


  • ELN

    Such a fun, random event. Dallas needs more of these. It was a little sluggish until the crazy banana man got there!

  • Gillea

    I agree – it was one of the best nights I’ve had in Dallas. Kudos to Tom for pulling it off. Can’t wait for the next one.

  • I am still sore. What a ridiculously fun night.

  • Zac

    That really was the best.

  • Participant

    What happened to the slideshow?

  • @participant: iframes happened to the slideshow. I blame Steve Jobs. But it should be working now.

  • gratefuldave

    Great way to show a lot of love and respect to the hundred year old Sons of Hermann Hall dance floor. Too bad not there were not a hundred cops were there to end this drunken party.

  • Patrick

    Do the organizers plan on repairing the damage done to the dance floor?

  • Lin Been

    What a disgusting display of disrespect to our building. Shame on you Jo N. for booking this event into our beautiful historical building. i hope someone has the balls to bring this up at the next Board meeting. You should resign!

  • Ray R.

    Makes you sad to see that on such sacred ground. hope the money was good

  • Meldoy Carroll

    What a wonderful way to celebrate 100 yrs! NOT!! I didn’t realize we were trying to destroy our building! Apparently the folks that booked this event are idiotsl!!
    These people in the video should be ashamed, could ya’ll be any more disrespectful? There’s a reason why these type of events are held in warhouses, NOT a Historical building.

  • jimmy

    so if the crape paper would not have stained the floor, this event as any other at the sons would have been completely ok ..right…lets go ahead and blame who ever you need to to feel better about your fuckin selves, the video shows one group dance, it doesnt show a disrespect for the hall at all, drink get spilled at every show , maybe more volunteers are needed to police their views, hell sweep the floor, mop it, suck it