It List: Dallas Area Music Offerings for July 27

The Funeral Party with Keith P and Anthony Social (Beauty Bar): Anyone who has been missing Black Fridays (and that includes myself) can now get an early blast of the dark stuff (including “Post-Punk, Gothic Rock, Cold/Dark/New Wave, Synth, Industrial, Metal, Psych” etc according to the invite) by hitting Beauty Bar on Wednesday nights.

Not only is this somewhat unlikely night a welcome change of pace for Henderson Ave, it should be a successful experiment for the club since these particular DJs have the uncommon distinction of uniting the dance, fashion, hardcore, and punk communities for a common theme of music where they can all agree. For once.

Whatever Wednesdays (Rubber Gloves Rehearsal Studios): Tonight’s guest is Audrey Lee III.

“Wednesday Night Folk Off” (Hailey’s): The simple folk-oriented setup seems pretty self explanatory, but the acts are some names with which you’re probably familiar, so that should make some of you pretty happy. The lineup includes Ginny Mac, Delmore Pilcrow, and Tony Ferraro. Also featured are Kristy Kruger and Robert Gomez performing together, a duo that could headline an event all by themselves.

Beauxregard/Joey Kendall/Young and Brave/Sealion (Bryan Street Tavern): This heavily pop-oriented bill is not only free, but is also at one of the area’s most underrated venues. A good opportunity to absorb a lot of often talked-about acts with minimal complication.

One Baptist General/Ashley Cromeens/Baby Lemonade (Dan’s Silver Leaf): Just when you think you know where everyone in Denton will be tonight, up pops something like this. Best of luck to the competition.

Image: One Baptist General in live performance. Photo by Sally Glass. Courtesy of Sally Glass.