It List: Dallas Area Music Offerings for June 16

80’s Night with Yeah Def (Hailey’s): featuring Sabrina Flux of KNON’s Rocket Radio, which specializes in “Industrial, IDM, Dance, Gothic, and Experimental.” Someone also brought it to my attention that Sabrina used to DJ at the now-shuttered Sandbar in Deep Ellum, which brought back a tidal wave of memories. Dance Music downstairs with crazy rock shows upstairs and everyone got along. Not a bad time at all.

Big J/Night/Daze (The Fish Suhi Bar and Lounge)

Klever (Rio Room): In yet another impressive booking, The Rio Room has world-famous DJ Klever on a Thursday night.

Guy Clark (Poor David’s Pub): This is the second of a two-night stand by the Texas icon of song, and judging by Facebook reviews of last night’s show, it’s well worth your time.

Though apparently Clark “forgot a lot of words (and joked about it),” it was “still an amazing show to watch” according to Dallas artist Nathan Beach.

But perhaps even more amazing is the fact that Beach is the proud owner of his second autograph from Mr. Clark, with his first one coming about 25 years ago at the exact same venue, when Nathan was a mere 8 years old. I have known about Beach’s long-running championing of Clark through his DJ Deadcode project, where he does a killer electronic pop cover of “All Through Throwin’ Good Lover After Bad” on his Remix ‘N’ Mingle album. Though the cover is quite a departure from the original, the reverence for the source material is obvious.

However, judging from a 2008 interview, it sounds like Beach would stop short of sharing his little reworking with the originator:

The first track is a cover of a Guy Clark song.  I think he might be offended if he ever heard it because the original is a really delicate Texas folk song.  Guy Clark has doubtless been the biggest influence on my songwriting.  I got his autograph in the backroom at Poor David’s Pub before a show when I was eight years old.  He asked me what song I wanted to hear during the show, but I froze up and couldn’t think of anything.  Guy Clark, if you’re there, I wanted to hear “Rita Ballou.”

Ah, to be a geeky young fan. See the visual evidence between autographs above.

Image: Side-by-side comparison displaying the 25-year wait between Guy Clark autographs. Photo courtesy of Nathan Beach.


  • Michael

    A Storm Of Light and Tombs are playing at Rubber Gloves tonight.