Weekender: Dallas Area Concerts for April 15-17

As I mentioned earlier, tomorrow is Record Store Day, a fairly recent holiday whose entire purpose is admittedly commercial.  But it’s marketed as a rather altruistic call-to-commerce, since record stores are not only endangered but romanticized by even the most extreme antiestablishment personalities, and of course, much milder and cooperative types like myself.

And though the basic gist and cause-of-purpose is a good one, we should take a second to reflect on what some are complaining about, mainly the scalper/collector aspect of the day.  While it may be an effective promotional tool, some are claiming that it doesn’t do the event any favors other than to make cynical speculators handfuls of cash.  This sort of behavior is never healthy for niche industries, just ask anyone that ever collected sports cards or comic books.

Some have even suggested that Record Store Day is possibly harmful, as The Numero Group’s Rob Sevier told The Philadelphia Weekly in a recent interview.  The Numero Group is a wonderful reissue label that specializes in meticulously archiving lost and neglected sounds of the past, putting in the collector’s legwork and making forgotten music widely available to new audiences.  Though the label has participated in Record Store Day in the past, apparently this year there was some controversy, after a Record Store Day representative mistakenly harassed the historic pressing plant (Boddie Recording Company) with which The Numero Group does business.  Apparently the rep was after the label itself, and the plant is a family-owned/mom-and-pop affair, which especially grated Sevier:

However, because reading comprehension is not one of the qualifications for running RSD, he seemed to think that the label releasing this product was the Boddie Recording Company even though it was on the Numero website and blog. So, he attempted to call the lovely Boddie widow and interrogate her on why she is anti-RSD. It was baffling to the point of surreal. Imagine someone calling your beloved nana and haranguing her. That’s how I felt about it. This same person, we quickly learned, has a bad reputation for harassing those stores that don’t want to pay for the official “signage” and have “unauthorized” RSD events. The problem is that RSD is too broad of an idea. You can’t control it completely. This dude is the RSD cop, and he fights negative publicity with the fervor of Tommy Davis.

He continues, with some strong opinions on the product being released by other perhaps, less caring enterprises:

What I’m not crazy about are the literally hundreds of pieces of sh*t being shoved into the marketplace on this day, products, for the most part, that no human needs to own, ever. This is Nystrom’s nightmare: a consumer philosophy so futile that the objects of desire bear no intrinsic value. The collectible nature of a record is well established; they’ve been collected almost since they have existed.

It’s a fascinating read and I suggest checking out the entire piece.  As for me, I’ll most likely see you at least two or three of these events.  For jerks like myself, every day is Record Store Day.  Onto the shows:


Glamorama With Blake Ward (Beauty Bar)

Woot with Genova/Big J/Shook Nite/Cesar Tekces Caraveo/Bastard Mike/DJ Trademarx (Vietnam): Now this is a step in the right direction: A true after-hours event that goes until 4 am in a converted restaurant.

It’s 21-and-up and runs from 11pm to 4am.  Supposedly this is going to be every Friday, but note: there will be no served.  No bother there.  You should only be concerned about the lack of food if this was down the street at Mai’s.

Lil Wayne (American Airlines Center)

Blackstone Rangers/True Achiever/Ttops (Bryan Street Tavern)

Oscillations with DJ Gabe/Travis Box (Tradewinds)


Missile (Molly Maguire’s)

“Legends of Synthpop Tour” with De/Vision/Mesh/Iris (Prophet Bar)

Uzi Rash/Collick/Mindhunter (1921 Hemphill)

Record Store Day (Mad World Records): Scheduled-

2:30pm – Isaac Hoskins

3:15pm – Ryan Thomas Becker

4:00pm – Lucretia Borgia

4:50pm – Young and Brave

5:30 – Paper Robot

6:15pm – Spooky Folk

7:00 – Manned Missiles

Record Store Day (Good Records): There are some definite gems in there, and let’s face it, this will be a draw no matter what.  But extra credit is due to Good Records for always taking this event seriously and even roping in some outside talent to make it worth attending, as opposed to another opportunity for musicians to just stand in the sun and drink with their pals.  Nothing wrong with that, of course.  But having ex-Lungfish member Asa Osborne aka Zomes close out the evening is the exact kind of detail that shows the store is doing their best to make most of this.

I’m looking forward to bringing Pete Freedman some French Toast sticks for his 10:30am DJ set.  It might help him remember if he’s going to be the Pete Freedman that completely celebrates Kings Of Leon’s entire catalogue.  Or the Pete Freedman that mocks KXT for playing them.  Schedule is as follows-

11:00am – Andrew Lyon/Matthew Celsur
12:00pm – Sarah Jaffe
1:00pm – Jason Lytle (acoustic)
2:00pm – Jason Lytle w/Midlake
3:00pm – J. Charles and the Trainrobbers
4:00pm – Bravo, Max!
5:00pm – Sundress
6:00pm – Dim Locator
7:00pm – Diamond Age
8:00pm – Missions
9:00pm – Leg Sweeper
10:00pm – Octopus Project
11:00pm – Zomes

10:30am – Pete Freedman (Dallas Observer)
11:30am – DJ Sober
12:30pm – Blixaboy (Wanz Dover)
1:30pm – DJ Gabriel Mendoza
2:30pm – Wild In The Streets (Lisa Bush)
3:30pm – DJ Rid (Mark Ridlen)
4:30pm – Daniel Huffman (New Fumes)
5:30pm – Audrey Easley (Chameleon Chamber Group)
6:30pm – Kenneth Kemp (Binary Sunrise)
7:30pm – Hunter Hauk (The Quick)
8:30pm – Donovan Jones (This Will Destroy You)

Record Store Day (Recycled Books): Scheduled to play-

1:00 – 1:45 — Kaleo Kaualoku (Spooky Folk)
1:45 – 2:30 — John Gillespie
2:30 – 3:15 — Glenn Farris
3:15 – 4:00 — Doug Burr
4:00 – 4:45 — Tony Ferraro (Eaton Lake Tonics)
4:45 – 5:30 — Ryan Thomas Becker (RTB2)
5:30 – 6:15 — Daniel Folmer
6:15 – 7:00 — Justin Collins (Burnt Sienna Trio)
7:00 – 7:45 — Warren Jackson Hearne
7:45 – 8:30 — George Neal (The Slow Burners)

Jason Lytle/Matthew and the Arrogant Sea (Dan’s Silver Leaf)

Synthetic Overdose with DJ Mudi (Tradewinds Social Club)

Daniel Francis Doyle/Dust Congress/Capillary Action/Terminator 2/ (Rubber Gloves)

Sarah Jaffe/Flowers of God (Club Dada)

Rec League/Fab Deuce/Jackrabbit James/Killa (Service Bar)


Paper Robot/Jerry Fels and the Jerry Fels/Senor Fin (The Lindale House located at 201 McKamy Blvd)


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