It List: Dallas Area Music Offerings for April 7

Gone To Croatoan/Akkolyte/Vaults of Zin/Transyuggothian (Phoenix Project): After having a discussion with our events editor about how “unGoogle-able” some bands can be, I realized that there is also a plus-side to such frustrating dead-ends.  Gone To Croatoan is described as “weird grind from the temperate rain forest” on the event flier, and though that is quite an interesting description, unfortunately that was all I could find about them no matter how I scoured all the usual sources.  I did however run across some pretty great Naked City footage by repeatedly typing “grind” into the search box.  So, not a total loss.

Transyuggothian is a brand new act that member James Magruder described as a cross between “Depressive Black Metal, Shoegaze, and Prog.”  Considering that the group features members of such technically and atmospherically demanding projects as Vorvadoss and Cleric, there is little doubt that the combination will be a successful one.

Lip Service with DJ Trademarx/We Are Dark Clouds (Fallout Lounge)

George Clinton & Parliament Funkadelic (South Side Music Hall): What else can you say about the world of George Clinton?  Anytime this track is playing in a record shop, which is often, it’s always a good moment.  A lesser moment?  This appropriation of said track by Sleigh Bells.  Jeez, and right when I was fairly certain I had no regrets defending the sampling practices of current artists.

Strange Boys/Natural Child/Sweet Talk (Rubber Gloves): How “strange” can you be covering a Ray Charles song?  That’s the kind of thing automatically puts you halfway to your first Austin City Limits special, doesn’t it?  The acquisition of Mika Miko’s horn player (Jenna Thornhill-DeWitt) was a definite plus, as it reintroduced an unpredictability that had gone missing from the Boys’ work as they increasingly ironed out the wrinkled edges and attitude of the near-Redd Kross levels of brat-punk childishness (a good thing) on which they made their name.