Traveling ‘Mamma Mia!’ Offers “Passable” Performance at Bass Hall

The festive, ABBA-drenched musical Mamma Mia! made its way to Bass Hall in Fort Worth, and Punch Shaw has the review:

This production is likely to satisfy fans of the show. But it is probably not so good that Mamma Mia! will make new friends.

Its strongest element is the pairing of Alison Ewing and Mary Callanan as Tanya and Rosie, the other members of the ABBA-like group that Donna was part of about the time Sophie was conceived. When those women join forces, the result is electrifying. They are far more effective as a duo than individually or in a trio with Tuckerman.

The other standout feature is a deceptively simple but highly versatile set. A small white building serves for all the locations by being spun around or opened in a particular way. It is a bit sparse but compensates with cleverness.

The rest of the show falls mostly in the passable range.