The Latest on Gary Cogill’s Movie Making Adventures

A news release from Lascaux Films that just landed in my inbox reminds us that it has been four months since long-time WFAA movie critic Gary Gogill left the movie chatting profession for a movie making one. In case you were wondering how it was going, Lascaux, Cogill’s new company, let’s us know.

 First, there were dinner conversations, which shouldn’t be surprisingly since Cogill was working on that film that documented his fabulous dinner parties. Those conversations – at Sevy’s Grill in Dallas and Mario Batali’s Osteria Mezza in LA, you should know – are “far along” and will result in “something wonderful.” I know, what a cliffhanger.

But, ah, here’s something: Lascaux is distributing Dallas-based Riot Studios documentary Beware of Christians (handed them a fat $25K check), which will screen tonight at The Magnolia. Which, actually, creates an interesting dilemma for Belo fanatics, which screening to go to: Cogill’s doc showcase or Chris Vognar’s first installment of his 70s film series.

Here’s the full release, but before you get excited, a spoiler: it doesn’t tell you what the team ordered at Sevy’s or Batali’s.

Newly Launched Lascaux Films Starts Strong in Dallas and Hollywood

Dallas, TX (February 10, 20111)  – It has been four months since award-winning film critic, Gary Cogill, left WFAA-TV, Channel 8 to pursue his dream of making movies. The driven and excited Cogill has been fast at work starting his new adventure as Managing Partner and Producer with Lascaux Films in Dallas.

Word on the street is that Cogill and his partners have been in serious discussions with an award winning Production Company to co-produce a major feature film with two of Hollywood’s favorite stars.
Details have yet to be announced but in recent weeks Cogill and team met with their potential business partners over dinner in Dallas at Sevy’s Grill where 5 hours of discussions took place, and in Los Angeles over dinner at Mario Batali’s Osteria Mezza.  Cogill confirms negotiations are far along and “something wonderful” is in the works.  More to come shortly. 

Additionally, the Lascaux team met with the minds behind Riot Studios, Will Bakke, Michael Allen, Matt Owen and Alex Carroll.  Throughout much of last year the four twenty-somethings from Dallas struggled with a Christian based film distributor to assist with the release of their latest documentary, Beware of Christians.  Negotiations fell through earlier this year and after meeting with the film’s creators Cogill and Lascaux knew this was a project they wanted to be involved with.  They gave Riot Studios a $25,000 check to help with their recently launched road tour. 

The tour visits Dallas tonight with three screenings of Beware of Christians at The Magnolia in West Village at 5pm, 7pm and 9pm.  Cogill will be on hand for the 5pm screening with Bakke, Allen, Owen and Carroll, helping introduce the film to their hometown audience.

What else is going on with Lascaux Films?  Check the web site,, to learn more about the company, the partners and the vision for film-making, as well as a few of the current projects in production including “Dinner,” filmed last year with Dallas chef’s, musicians and locals celebrating the art of food, wine, conversation and music. 

For more information please contact Hayley Hamilton, [email protected]