This Week’s Notable Comics

Fantastic Four #587: As you may have heard, a member of the Fantastic Four dies in this issue. But the clock is already ticking on that character’s resurrection. The truth is, each member of the Fantastic Four will outlive you and me and anyone else reading this. Superman, Captain America, Batman, the Flash, and the Green Lantern have all had their own overhyped death scenes,yet all of them are alive and well, starring in several comics each month.

Cowboy Ninja Viking Vol. 2: Based on positive word-of-mouth, I picked up the first paperback collection of this series about schizophrenic secret agents. My favorite part was discovering all of the other “triplet” combinations. For example, the titular cowboy-ninja-viking’s biggest rival is a conquistador-pirate-oceanographer, and his wife is a sniper-chef-samurai. 

Infestation #1: Only in comics could you have a story that involves the Optimus Prime, Snake Eyes, Mr. Spock, and Dr. Peter Venkman. Oh, and did I mention there are zombies?