Dallas Arts Today: DMA on YouTube, ‘Trinity River Plays’ In Chicago, and ‘King’s Speech’ Leads Oscars

1. Yesterday, The Dallas Museum of Art announced it will be publishing Bonnie Pittman’s book about the museum’s work to develop and expand its audience. Today, there’s some news of a new initiative: the DMA will begin filming a video series that will premiere on YouTube in February. “The videos will be used to give visitors an online welcome and introduction and offer a better look into the Museum and its programs,” Benzinga.com reports. Here’s hoping the DMA takes a page from the Indianapolis Museum of Art’s Art Babble project. No shame in copying good things.

2. Regina Taylor’s The Trinity River Plays have made their way to Chicago’s Goodman Theatre, and this review in the Chicago Tribune sounds a lot like the critical reception the play received in Dallas:

The work . . . is a deeply personal, three-act drama, a long, meandering opus in desperate need of a vigorous, clear-eyed edit — and yet it’s the kind of emotional, revealing play many of us feel like writing after suffering through the life-upending death of a loved one.

3. The Oscars nominations have been announced, and the magnificent The Kings Speech leads the pack with a whopping twelve nominations. Among the nice surprises, Animal Kingdom’s Jacki Weaver gets a nod in the best supporting actress category, but, unfortunately, her co-star, Ben Mendelsohn, is not a best supporting actor nominee.