Where Are You Are Going to Be Tomorrow Night? At Art Conspiracy, Of Course.

If it feels like Art Conspiracy has snuck up on you, it has. The annual art creation/auction/musical event was moved up into October this year to help avoid things like frozen fingers, snow covered parking lots, and venues that feel like a meat freezer. Sure, the cold was part of the event’s charm, but Art Con will still be Art Con, no matter the temperature. This year, more than 120 local artists and artists-for-a-day will be auctioning off their items to a soundtrack of live performances by Seryn, Dem Southerfolkz, and Paul Slavens. Proceeds from the event will go to Today Marks the Beginning, a nonrprofit organization that uses art to impact awareness of social issues and teach children about non-violence.

The event begins at 7 p.m. at 511 W. Commerce (same as last year, across from Jack’s Backyard). You can find more info after the jump. Be there.

Photo: Nicole Horn paints Art Con’s QR code on the event space at 511 W. Commerce (Couresty of Art Conspiracy)

The time is for Conspiracy is here!

If you want to join the Con Artists of Art Conspiracy, here are the details:

When:  Saturday, Oct. 23rd from 7:00 p.m. until midnight

Where: 511 W. Commerce, Dallas, TX 75208

Who: 120+ local artists, Ishi, Seryn, Dem Southernfolkz and KXT’s Paul Slavens and thousands of event goers who want to be a part of the conspiracy to do good in Dallas.

Why: It’s a heckuva a good time and we’re raising money for Today Marks the Beginning, a nonrprofit organization that uses art to impact awareness of social issues and teach children about non-violence. Visit www.todaymarksthebeginning.org to learn more
Cost: $10 admission, $20 opening bid on artwork

Parking is free, here’s a map: http://artconspiracy.org/images/art_con_map_2010.jpg


7:00 Doors open
8:15 – Dem Southernfolkz
9:45 – Seryn
11:00 Ishi

Who wants to stand in line when you can be scoping out the art you want to bid on?

A: No one.

If you’re not a line lover, head over to Prekindle and purchase your Art Con admission in advance.


What is that thing?

That Strange Space Invader looking square filled with squares that you see on the side of the Art Con warehouse, on our website and you’ll see all over the place during the night of the event is a QR Code. The information embedded in this code will direct your smart phone to corresponding web pages and its how we’re presenting the Art Conspiracy program on the night of the event.

Please visit www.artconspiracy.org and download the correct QR code reader for your iPhone, Blackberry, Android or other smart phone reading device.

If your phone isn’t that smart, we’ll still have a few hundred old fashioned printed programs on hand.

Scenes from a Conspiracy

Con Artists have been busy getting ready for the big event. Here are a few shots of shirts, stage building and mural painting from the past few weeks (thanks, Sara Lovas for letting us use these pics).

Art & Seek

If looking at all of the art available during the auction ignites your creative spirit, then stop by Art&Seek’s creation station where you can make your own artwork and then have it displayed next to the Art&Seek booth.

Art&Seek has been featuring stories, interviews and videos of Art Con contributors and musicians this month. Click here to find out more: http://artandseek.net/

Since 2005, Art Conspiracy has raised over $80,000 for groups including

Resolana, a group that provides rehabilitative arts programming for women in the Dallas County Jail Preservation LINK, an organization that teaches audio and visual media to students in South Dallas and Fair Park La Reunion TX, an artist residency in the making in Dallas St. Anthony Community Center, a center that offers visual art, music and dance to more than 800 children in South Dallas.

Art Conspiracy is street level philanthropy. Members of the creative community in North Texas pool their talents to create bi-annual fundraising events that support other nonprofit arts programs. Art Conspiracy events are designed to be affordable and offer everyone a chance to purchase original artwork at a reasonable level. Art Conspiracy is a 501c3 organization with IRS nonprofit status (so your donations are tax deductible!) More information is available at www.artconspiracy.org

And a special thanks to our sponsors…

West Dallas Investments
KERA Art & Seek
Media Partner
Ticketing / cash
Oak Cliff Coffee Roasters
Ben E. Keith
DoubleWide Bar
Cash Support
QR Code Support
Renfield’s Corner
Cash Support
Fairmont Hotel
Chairs, Tables
Seneca Interactive
Digital Program
Auction sound support

So once again, here are the details….

Art Conspiracy Details:

Date: 7:00 p.m., Saturday, October 23

Location: 511 W. Commerce, Dallas, TX 75208
Participants: 120+ Local artists, Ishi, Seryn, Dem Southernfolkz, KXT-FM’s Paul Slavens, a cast of Con Artists
Admission: $10, opening bid for art is $20

Benefiting: Today Marks the Beginning


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