FrontRow Presents: A Film Series

We are very excited to announce a new monthly film series hosted by FrontRow. The premise is simple. We have asked six people in the local arts community to choose a film in response to a single question: “What film do you believe people living in Dallas today need to see?” We will then show these films in “alternative” spaces: galleries, vacant retail spaces, perhaps a dance studio or a city park.

The idea is to launch a casual film happening where movies are shown free of charge in order to bring our readers together and into interesting places around the city.  The series also seeks to lure movie lovers out of our living rooms and into impromptu theater spaces, to reemphasize the communal aspect of movie-watching. After the jump you can find our full schedule as well as the list of participants. Interestingly, each “curator” has latched onto a different aspect of the project and the question put to them. Some chose movies that highlight their artistic genre or picked pieces with specific relevance to Dallas. Others, like the Dallas Wind Symphony’s Kim Campbell, chose movies that we may have seen many times but rarely get the opportunity to watch with a live audience.

The first screening will be held at 7:30 p.m. on July 29 at The Public Trust. Gallery owner Brian Gibb has chosen the documentary Herb and Dorothy, about a regular couple – a post office worker and an librarian — who despite limited means built one of the world’s most important collections of art (trailer after the jump). We’ll have free drinks and popcorn. To attend, RSVP to [email protected]. Space is limited and it is first come first serve. Hope to see you there.

July 29

The Gallerist: Brian Gibb. Herb and Dorothy

Aug 26

The Videographer: Bart Weiss. North Dallas 40; Plus the short film: “Dallas At The Crossroads”

Sept. 30

The Dancer: Charles Santos. Tango

Oct. 16

The Musician: Kim Campbell. Casablanca

Nov. 18

The Artist: Annette Lawrence. Conjure Women

Dec 14

The Actor: Diana Sheehan. Cinema Paradiso

Main image: From Cinema Paradiso