The Most Memorable D Magazine Images of 2013

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Making Dallas Even Better

  • Jan-2013-cover-image

    This astonishing picture was featured on the January 2013 cover of D Magazine.

  • fashion_02

    From our January 2013 fashion shoot.

  • wyly_01

    Sam Wyly thumbs his nose at the SEC.

  • city

    Officials think their only two options for the freeway between downtown and Deep Ellum are to repair or rebuild. We’d rather see it disappear.

  • dog_01

    Recently, Jan helped find one of the biggest meth labs in the southern United States.

  • talk

    Would you spend $17 for one of these?

  • Fashion_Etro

    From our March 2013 fashion shoot

  • David_Hanson

    Eye Robot: David Hanson considers whether one of his creations could use some arms.

  • Salon_Slut

    The life of a salon slut.

  • ShannonSamGilliland3720Beverly

    This Beverly Drive home is one of the 100 most expensive in Dallas.

  • Nemo--24-of-25

    Nemo beat 31 other dogs to win our first Survival of the Cutest contest.

  • HoffmanHotsBuilding_New

    Hoffman Hots

  • Chris_kyle1

    By the official count, Chris Kyle racked up 160 confirmed kills as a Navy sniper. He pegged the actual number as twice that.

  • fashion2_camel

    From our April 2013 fashion shoot.

  • Daniel_Vaughn

    Daniel Vaughn used meals like this to become the only barbecue editor in the world.

  • Nicaragua_2_tree

    The beachfront villas at Mukul feature private pools and terraces.

  • Great_Escapes_Palo_duro

    Explore the 'Grand Canyon of Texas.'

  • Trinity-canoe

    Audubon River Adventures will guide you on an hour-long trip down the Trinity.

  • george_bush_expressway

    This road could be called President George W. Bush Expressway starting September 1.

  • safari_fashion_2

    From our June 2013 fashion shoot.

  • charreria-1

    Those who compete in the charrería spend countless hours perfecting their craft. The compensation is minimal, but that's not the point.

  • West-Texas-4

    West Elementary School principal Michele Scott and her daughter, Lauren, 9, were across town at her parents’ house on April 17. They weren’t able to return to their house for 10 days. Some of the houses in their neighborhood burned to the ground that night.

  • soda_bar

    The drinks are good at Soda Bar, but the view is better.

  • tim_rogers_tuxedo_1

    Tim Rogers really likes his tux.

  • critterman

    Critterman, available for parties.

  • Jose-Reyes1

    Jose Reyes strikes a pose with Anna-Sophia van Zweden (left) and Ana Pettus.

  • perot_museum

    Too often, the kids are left to run wild at the Perot Museum.

  • 3200-dollar-smile

    This is an actual picture of the author’s actual mouth.

  • white-noise1

    From our September 2013 fashion shoot.

  • obamacare_1

    Dr. Obamacare is on call.

  • best_doctors_2013

    Waiting for the best doctors in Dallas.

  • JFK_main

    The legacy of John F. Kennedy will forever affect Dallas.

  • ross_perot_jr_h

    Ross Perot Jr. and H. Ross Perot photographed earlier this year

  • lion_rescue_keahey

    Khan, 10, was rescued in March 2009.

  • sam_brown

    FAMILY MAN: Sam Brown with wife Amy, daughter Esther, and son Roman at their Northwood Hills home.

  • christian_film_1

    Dallas is poised to be at the center of the Christian entertainment industry.

  • cattle_barons_ball

    Cattle Baron's Ball is a unique way to be introduced to Dallas.

  • best_new_restaurants_ft33_1

    FT33’S Matt McCallister

  • Best_Dishes_Cook_Hall

    Ice Cream Sundae | Cook Hall
    When Cook Hall opened in the former Craft Dallas space at the W Dallas Victory Hotel, most food enthusiasts expected mediocrity. I found nirvana in a bowl: a house-made stout-beer ice cream sundae with chocolate sauce, meringue chocolate kisses, whipped cream, and crumbles of pretzel streusel.

  • 10_most_Beautiful_melissa_rycroft

    Melissa Rycroft Strickland

    Age: 30 | Occupation: entertainer

    If you’re already a fan, you’ll remember following Rycroft Strickland’s love life on the 13th season of The Bachelor. You’ll remember she danced through a season of Dancing with the Stars, hosted Bachelor Pad,then came back to win an all-star round of Dancing with the Stars. (The prized mirror-ball trophy is in her game room.)