First-Take Bar Review: Teddy’s Room in Dallas

The trustbuster is honored with a burlesque lounge in Uptown.

The burlesque show starts at 11 p.m. at Teddy's Room. You don't want to be late. photography by Jerry McClure
The Concept: The old Lift spot has become Teddy’s Room, an upscale lounge named in honor of our 26th President, with a proud-to-be-an-American feel and a whole lot of sexy flavor thrown in. Red damask wallpaper, black leather couches, and chandeliers made of champagne flutes are juxtaposed with mounted deer heads, paintings of Mount Rushmore, and an American flag with 47 stars (a version spangled by 46, from Teddy’s day, was too hard to find). The DJ gets even the shyest souls dancing, but the live burlesque show is the real crowd pleaser.

Don’t Miss: The burlesque. A single dancer struts her stuff to the live jazz band. Yes, there is a little stripping involved, but it’s not bachelor party-style. The crowd is speechless the entire 15 minutes, seeming to forget their $14 cocktails are watering down.

Who’s There: The beautiful 20-something girls who stumbled right out of West Village, and the older men – ranging from 30s to 60s – who are buying their drinks.

What They’re Drinking: The guys play it safe with beer, and we don’t blame them – ordering a Rough Ride Her Tini can induce some major blushing. But the girls couldn’t get enough of the Alice, which tastes like a Jolly Rancher dipped in alcohol. Yum.

What They’re Wearing: Girls in barely-there dresses and sky-high stilettos paired with men in slacks and button-downs. If we didn’t know better, we’d think this was the official meeting place for young girls who are into older men. (And vice versa.)

Head to the bar for the best seats in the house.

What’s Playing:  Everything from top 40 to hip-hop and ‘80s hits. The live jazz band only plays during the burlesque. Fun fact: the sax player is from country singer Toby Keith’s touring band.

When You Enter, Make a Beeline For: The bar. The comfy stools are the best place to watch the live burlesque show, and it’s right next to the dance floor. For extra action, sit front and center.

When the Crowd Arrives: About 10:30. The burlesque show starts about 11, and trust us, you don’t want to share the disappointment we saw on the faces of those who walked in two minutes before the show ended.

Be Sure to Check Out: The DJ’s table in the back of the lounge. It’s a replica of Teddy Roosevelt’s desk in the Oval Office and was used in the film National Treasure.

Overheard: “So, do you want to get married anytime soon?”

Bottom Line: Worth checking out. Maybe not your new every-Saturday-night stop, unless you crave a little burlesque on a weekly basis. (Hey, we’re not judging.) They’ve planned a grand opening celebration for May 27.

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