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  • Editorial Director Jason Heid
  • Interactive Art Director Ricky Ferrer
  • Managing Editor Alison Finney
  • Arts Editor Alex Macon
  • Assistant Dining Editor Catherine Downes
  • Interactive Designer Renee Blostein


  • Online Directory Sales Adam McDonald


  • Associate Creative Director Jamie Laubhan-Oliver
  • Advertising Art Director Michael Hassett
  • Art Director Hamilton Hedrick
  • Assistant Art Director Blair Remington
  • Junior Graphic Designer Morgan Hammons
  • Staff Photographer Elizabeth Lavin
  • Production Manager Kate Mitchell
  • Digital Imaging Specialist John Gay


  • Controller Debbie Travis
  • Accounting Manager Kristen Jordan
  • Staff Accountant Judy Pham
  • Financial Analyst Steve Bagley
  • Payroll Coordinator Alma Ritter
  • Sales Support & Accounting Coordinator Bernadette Ramirez
  • Accounts Receivable & Collections Coordinator Alicia Kelly
  • Audience Development Manager Ashley Mulder
  • Newsstand Consultant The Centofante Group
  • Brand Manager Kate Crouse
  • Marketing Manager Marianna Dubinsky
  • Marketing Associate Allie Steele
  • Marketing Coordinator Blair Sullivan
  • IT Manager Jeff Nelson
  • IT Support Engineer Matthew Shelley
  • IT Assistant Jonathan Poage
  • Assistant to Editor in Chief/Office Manager Chelsey Plumlee
  • Administrative Assistant Elise Evans



  • Editor Tim Rogers
  • Managing Editor Liz Johnstone
  • Senior Editors Zac Crain, Nancy Nichols
  • Associate Editor Bradford Pearson
  • Arts Editor Peter Simek
  • Staff Writer Michael J. Mooney
  • Research Editor Lauren DeLozier
  • Copy Editor Julie Lyons
  • Contributing Editors Eric Celeste, Brantley Hargrove, Laura Kostelny, Tara Nieuwesteeg, Jeanne Prejean


  • Executive Editor Laura Kostelny
  • Managing Editor Jessica Jones
  • Editor at Large Peggy Levinson
  • Associate Editor Ryan Conner
  • Online Editor Margaux Anbouba
  • Contributing Editors Sarah Eveans, Denise Gee, Dawn McMullan
  • Editor at Large Steve Snider


  • Executive Editor Laura Kostelny
  • Managing Editor Jessica Jones
  • Associate Editor Ryan Conner
  • Contributing Editors Allison Hatfield, Raya Ramsey


  • Executive Editor Glenn Hunter
  • Managing Editor Christine Perez
  • Senior Editor Matt Goodman
  • Assistant Editor Hilary Lau
  • Research Editor Lauren DeLozier
  • Contributing Editors John G. Browning, Phil Harvey, Steve Jacob


  • Vice President Suzanne La Forgia
    Associate Publisher, Professional Services
     Kym Rock
  • Publisher, Weddings Maura Jones
  • Ad Director Lisa McLaren
  • Ad Director, Luxury Division, Susan O'Neal
  • Ad Director, Business Division Rhett Taylor
  • Managing Editor of Special Sections Jennifer Sander Hayes
  • Senior Account Executives Leigh Brown
  • Account Executives Tara Harper, Jason Schefferstein, Becca Zumwalt, Adam McDonald, Gina Rodriguez, Randy Fravert
  • Advertising Associates Ashley Lopez, Tracy Regan, Amber Terrell, Kaitlynn Moody, Mary Proetti
  • Digital Advertising Associate Katie Boettcher

D Magazine Partners

  • Chairman & Publisher Wick Allison
  • President Christine Allison
  • Chief Financial Officer Thomas L. Earnshaw
  • Vice President, Advertising Suzanne La Forgia
  • Creative Director Todd Johnson
  • Marketing Director Jennifer Miller
  • Production Director Travis Stewart
  • Audience Development Director Melissa Chowning