A Girl’s Dream Gym Workout

You know the kind I’m talking about. It’s the workout that seems to elude us when we actually get to the gym. It’s short, but sweet. (Hey, we’re busy girls.) It hits all the sexy areas (well, soon-to-be-sexy areas). And it’s includes a serious cardio blast that makes our blood pump and our skin sweat glow. What we don’t is what we often do find at the gym. A hairy guy that just left his driblets behind on the treadmill. A machine that makes us look dumb as we stand around fussing with its stubborn gears. The perky blonde with full makeup, dangly earrings, a purple sports bra—midriff for the viewing—hardly breaking a sweat (so you know she’s not working hard) but she still looks better than you sans clothing. Am I right? All this is a prelude to this introduction: Tread Fitness. Now, most of you have probably heard about Tread, but I’m assuming lots of you still haven’t given it a try. It could be the holy grail of gymercise. It’s part indoor boot camp, part luxury gym experience. Basically, the one-hour classes are themed (arms/abs, butt/calves, back/shoulders, or whole body) and spent in quarters:  15 minutes on the treadmill, 15 minutes off, repeat. They’re hard, but tailored to beginner, intermediate, and advanced. Everyone faces a mirror, so no one is watching you, and your own personal fan, attached to the wall, is aimed right at your pretty punam. Machines are cleaned before and after classes, the bathroom is musty-smell free, and the two cuties operating the joint (owners Bart and Brandon) are fun to look at during class. I have one little issue. I think the prices are a tiny bit pricey—first-time Tread-ers can try the class for $10 right now, though—but I’ll let you decide for yourself on that one.


  • Ryle

    I HATE when hairy guys leave their driblets behind on the treadmill! hahah! Love the post, Raya! xoxo

  • Jessica

    I LOVE Tread, been going for a few weeks and have really seen results. Compared to a yoga/pilates studio the prices at Tread are very reasonable! I always tell people I feel like I am getting a personal training session, but don’t have to pay personal training prices!!!

  • My problem is that I want to work out, but I just always find a reason to do something else. I need the motivation.

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