Valentine’s Day Treats Under $50: Personalized Hanky Panky Panties

HankyPanky personalizedThis V-Day gift selection brought to you by Margaret. (Thank you again!) *Note: This might not be shipped in time for V-Day with regular ground mail.

Every woman loves a good pair of Hanky Panky panties. Personalize them, and your Valentine will love them, too. (See exhibit A for the underwear I’m making for my boyfriend Johnny Depp.) How about “I heart Fred”? Or go with something more general, like “I Love You.” (This is good if your date might be different next year.) Maybe add a nickname? (Fortunately, “Schmoopy” won’t fit.) Either way, these practical panties will be fun to wear and even more fun to expose, even if you and your cat are the only ones to see them on V-Day. To get a pair, go here, select from five styles, choose a color (from 37 colors!) and choose up to six characters. Pricing varies from $28 to $32 depending on the number of characters you choose. Enjoy!

Ps. Buy two pairs to make it over $50, and you’ll get free shipping.


  • Christine S.

    Ha, love this post, Raya! 🙂

  • Margaret

    I ordered last Thursday and should be tomorrow via UPS. So do not dilly dally if you want for Valentine’s.

    But hey, if you are pokey, might be cute way to wear some personalized green for St. Patty’s day. Only you and your favorite Leprechan need to know. 😉

  • Oh those are so cute! Would make cute bridal shower gifts as well.