10_06 Nicole miller black asymmetrical dress with attached necklace, $560, Tootsies; Lisa Freede black crystal bracelets, $95 each, Neiman Marcus downtown photography by Bode Helm

Melanie Foster
Age: 36
Occupation: model

She’s a veteran model at the Campbell Agency, but Foster is not all about pink things and glitter. She’s a mom of twin sons. “It’s perfect that I have boys,” she says. “I don’t know what I would do with girly girls.” Foster is an athlete at heart, enjoying the outdoors, jogging, tennis, and water sports—she pretty much lives in her workout clothes. (It runs in the family: her father, Derek Davis, was recognized in D Magazine in 1981 as a Dallas Sports Gridiron Great.) That doesn’t mean she doesn’t have guilty pleasures, and Foster counts junk food at the top of that list. Snuffer’s cheese fries, chocolate cake, and cookie dough shakes are her favorites. A typical Saturday night involves hanging out with her girlfriends or watching sports at home with her family. Their team of choice is Baylor, where she met her husband and her parents met each other.