Dallas is celebrating an exciting beer revolution, one that reaches all the way up to Holy Grail Pub, which opened in 2009 in a northwest Plano strip center. With its dark interior and wooden booths, Holy Grail looks the part of the prototypical pub, but with a selection of brews you won’t find in a typical neighborhood bar. Owner Brian Rudolph offers 43 beers on draft, including eight that rotate according to season, with unique items such as the golden Midas Touch from well-regarded craft brewer Dogfish Head. For beer nerds, such a selection might be enough. But the food at Holy Grail was also outstanding, with obsessive attention to the smallest details. Meat loaf incorporated three meats: beef, pork, and turkey, ground on-site and served with from-scratch mashed potatoes and gravy. “Pork and beans” were actually ribs, braised overnight in beer, with Boston baked beans, still resisting with a hint of bite. Tiny candied jalapeño slices, strewn over, popped with notes of sweet heat. The pub even makes the blackberry preserves for the Monte Cristo deep-fried ham and cheese sandwich. Get the doughnuts for dessert. They’re doughnut holes, really, dredged in confectioner’s sugar, all crunchy and warm like beignets. And this being Holy Grail, there’s a perfect pairing: refreshing Crispins hard cider, served over ice in a tall glass.

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