REAL NAME: Scottie Canfield

FROM: Dallas, born and raised

VITAL STATS: Red Eye got his name during childhood. Apparently, he wasn’t a very nice child, and “red eye” was the equivalent of “jerk” (or the only equivalent suitable for print). He got his start at Club One, where he played for seven years. He plays all kinds of music but is really excited about dubstep, which is the new big thing in Dallas, he says. “It’s my job to push people over the edge a little bit.”

WHERE TO HEAR HIM: Barcadia. Or catch him on tour with Datarock sometime this year.

BestDJs_2 Jennifer Miller. photography by Billy Surface


FROM: Born in South Carolina, moved to Texas at age 6. Attended Texas A&M.

VITAL STATS: Miller always loved music, but she didn’t start DJing until she was laid off last March. (Her pre-DJ job was flying all over the world to test fantasy submissions for the over-the-top Neiman Marcus Christmas Book.) She asked a friend if she could DJ at PM at the Joule just “as a joke.” They created the Local Celebrity DJ Series, and at Miller’s first show, 400 people showed up. She is now part of the duo DJ OB-Jen and Juice, with her partner Paul Paredes.

WHERE TO HEAR HER: PM, Park, Dish, and the Rosewood Mansion on Turtle Creek.

BestDJs_3 Rob Vaughan. photography by Billy Surface


FROM: This Army brat has lived in Georgia, Korea, Alabama, and Kansas. He graduated from TCU with a degree in journalism.

VITAL STATS: As a college freshman, Vaughan was exposed to the DJ scene in Fort Worth. He had a couple of regular gigs, one of which eventually led to a job at late-night hangout Aqualounge in Dallas, just as the rave scene was getting started. From there, he began DJing raves and playing at different clubs. His music is a “pretty accessible mix,” combined with underground stuff from Europe, mash-ups, and some hip-hop. By day he works at D.R. Horton Homebuilder’s title company.

WHERE TO HEAR HIM: Candleroom on the weekends.