The frightening call came at midday from my better half, the one who never gets sick.

“Something’s wrong with me,” she said into the phone, slurring her words. “Please come home now.”

I raced across town in record time and found her on the floor, slumped against a bathroom wall. She was dizzy, she murmured, unable to stand.
Had she had a stroke?

I said we need to drive to the emergency room, pronto. But she’d have none of that. The only way she’d leave the house, she said, was in an ambulance, on a stretcher, with professionals.

I’d never called an ambulance in my life—you dial 9-1-1, dummy!—but within minutes the EMTs had arrived. Soon we were threading our way to Baylor hospital near downtown Dallas.

There, the excellent staff provided the diagnosis. My wife hadn’t suffered a stroke after all, but from something called Benign Positional Vertigo.
BPV is a treatable, far less serious disability. But it’s no less scary if you’ve never encountered it before.

For me, that recent incident underscores the importance of the publication you’re holding in your hand, the 2009 edition of the Dallas Medical Directory.

The most comprehensive listing of health care providers in North Texas, this directory is an invaluable guide to the people whose decisions can literally mean the difference between life and death.

Compiling it is an enormous responsibility—one we at D Magazine Partners take very seriously.

In this edition you’ll find sections devoted to the area’s hospitals and specialty clinics, dentists, and physicians.

In addition, you’ll see timely and informative articles in this publication about important health care issues. Among them: what it’s like to be diagnosed with a brain tumor and how to cope with Adult ADD.

If and when—God forbid—you ever get a midday call like mine, it will be reassuring to have a resource like the Dallas Medical Directory close at hand.

Glenn Hunter
Executive Editor

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