illustration Kent Rathbun, your columnist, and Tracy Rathbun are picture perfect.

Kent rathbun’s résumé keeps getting longer. He’s a chef and restaurateur (Abacus and Jasper’s, Rathbun’s Blue Plate Kitchen), Iron Chef slayer (take that, Bobby Flay), and a sports car driver (the yolk-yellow Porsche). Someone please add “host with the most” to his CV. Kent and wife Tracy’s annual Art Party, held at their modern Bluffview manse, had partygoers like Sandi Bailey queueing up for a bite by the pool. “The burgers are worth standing in line for,” she assured us. “Sometimes it helps to flirt a bit with the chef to get one,” chimed in former Modern Luxury publisher-turned-PR-maven Terri Provencal. Just then, a distinguished-looking gentleman popped his head into our conversation. “Is anyone a Republican?” he asked. Silence. “If you want to have dinner with George and Laura, they’re eating at Fernando’s right now,” he said as he headed out. We got in line for another glass of wine and sidled up to Rick Griggs, Abacus pastry chef and artist extraordinaire. He filled us in on a secret: “You can come here and look at the artwork whenever,” he said. “This house is kind of like a gallery.” Later, we talked to Tracy Rathbun about the couple’s upcoming trip to Las Vegas. What comes around goes around: the Rathbuns planned to brunch at Mesa Grill, a Bobby Flay outpost in Caesars Palace.

A few nights later at the Affair of the Art party, revelers swooned over Todd Fiscus’ “Valley of the Kings” setup, and the DMA Junior Associates selected a pair of Jali screens to be added to the museum’s collection. DJ Lucy Wrubel, dressed like Cleopatra, had the JAs dancing late into the night.

scene-may-collage Bottom Row: Lynae and Dean Fearing (Art Party); Chris Marrs and Sheila Chamberlain (Art Party); Sharon and Brenton Drakeford (Art Party); Julio Quinones (Art Party); Julie and Steve Rado (Affair); Katherine Mathes and Lindsay Jacman (Affair). Top Row: Terri Provencal (Art Party); Tiffany and Matthew Hall (Arty Party); Megan Williamson and Jennifer Weintraub (Art Party); Capera Ryan, Chris and Rachel Trowbridge (Affair); Kathleen Auffenberg and Clayton Hill (Affair). photography by Matthew Shelley (Art Party) and John Strange (Affair)

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