Don’t let the name fool you. Rock & Roll Sushi, a 12-year-old sushi restaurant off Preston Road, is much more Jonas Brothers than Ozzy Osbourne—in a good way. On a recent night, a Park Cities mom and two squirmy toddlers dined on sushi at the circular bar, and multi-generational families dominated most other tables. Our server was quite friendly (none of that sour rocker attitude), and conversation lulled when she dropped off a small wooden hammock filled with lightly fried tempura vegetables. With a hit of salt, they would have been perfect, but the large shishito peppers topped with fat salt crystals more than made up for it. Soft pork dumplings were gone in a flash, and, soon, plates of salmon, yellowtail, eel, and snapper sushi were plunked in front of us. (This would have been a good moment to pick up those white towels used for wiping off our hands. They were never removed.) The salmon was so soft it practically melted in our mouths, a fatty, fresh treat. Pressed sushi—a first for some of us—was dropped off next, and it was a hit. Rice, spicy tuna, and crab mix were piled high and sliced like thick pieces of creamy and cold layer cake, with just a hint of heat. Orange quarters came nestled in orange-peel bowls, and the fried brownie was reminiscent of State Fair food, too over the top for more than one bite. But with “Panama” playing on the radio, we were finally able to channel our inner rockers for one quick headbang.

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