photography by Corbis Images
When we went to press in late November, here is all we knew: Wolfgang Puck, one of the original celebrity chefs, was opening a restaurant atop Reunion Tower. The eatery had an executive chef the name of which it wouldn’t divulge, an opening date scheduled sometime for the first quarter of 2009, and a name its PR firm wouldn’t, uh, name. Puck and his minions surely know more about opening a high-profile dining establishment than we do, so, for now, we will assume this vagueness doesn’t portend doom. Hey, maybe by the time you read this, the restaurant will already be open. If it isn’t, though, and if Wolfgang and the gang haven’t yet settled on an appropriate moniker, we have a few ideas: Wolfgang Services; The Restaurant in the Golf Ball; The Perch; Wolfie’s; A Wolfgang Puck Joint; Dinner; The Cesar Chavez Cafe; and, finally, Wolfgang Puck Presents Mother Pucker’s Homestyle Kitchen Featuring Chef Wolfgang Puck: Home of the Puckstick, Puck Bunnies, the “Puck You” Build-Your-Own Burger Bar, and the Tuesday Night Two-For-One “Big Pucking Deal.” You’re welcome.