photography courtesy of Leblon
For the authentic Brazilian mardi gras party experience, make a traditional caipirinha, the national Brazilian drink made with cachaça, a rum-like liquor distilled from sugar cane. We suggest Leblon ($24.99, available at Goody Goody, 3316 Oak Lawn Ave., 214-765-6878), named after a Brazilian beach. Hey, if you can’t be there, drinking like you were will help get you in the spirit. Leblon cachaça, unlike many rums with which you mix as much juice as possible to mask the flavor, is slightly floral and fruity—tasty enough to sip on its own. The caipirinha is made with muddled lime and sugar or simple syrup. You can experiment with different types of muddled fruit by adding additional fruits to the recipe. We tried ruby red grapefruit, blackberries, tangerines, and pineapple. (For the recipe, go to This is a sure way to keep your party going until Easter.

Learn how to make your own traditional caipirinha by watching this short video clip.


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